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Item : Wholesale The Grossery Gang - Surprise Pack in 28pc Counter Display - Series 5 | 69137
UPC : 630996691373
Description : The Grossery Gang are back and ready for the grossest battle of all time! After accidentally opening up a time portal through a stinky toilet, the Grossery Gang are battling for their slimy survival. Gather Grosseries from different time periods and help them defeat The Rotbots from the future! There are 2 Grosseries hiding inside the Grossery Gang Flush n Fizz Toilet that you have to flush out! Use the funnel included and pour water into the toilet cistern and watch what fizzes out of the bowl! Includes: 2x Grosseries, 2x Weapons, 1x Toilet, 1x Funnel, 1x Fizz Block, 1x Collector's Guide