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Item : Wholesale Toilet Paper Blaster | 61734
UPC : 0-39897-61734-3
Description : **Not available for Amazon Resellers** Holy Sheets! Blast & Unload tons of Fun! Blast toilet paper up to 30 feet with the NEW Toilet Paper Blasters™ Skid Shot! Transforms real toilet paper into clean spitballs! Uses water, not spit for hygienic spitballs that are bio-degradable and easy to clean up with no Skid Marks! Load the toilet paper, fill the water tank, Pull the trigger and blast away! Loads of fun for everyone! Please note, some water leakage is normal during play. Toilet Paper not included (we hope you already have some at home!) Uses regular Toilet Paper, 2-Ply works best to Wipe-Out the Competition! 1 Roll = 350+ Spitballs! (2 spitballs per sheet). Includes 3 cutout targets on package. No batteries required