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Why Everyone Should Support Candelighters NYC
Apr 15, 2019



License-2-Play recently had the privilege of donating some of our most popular toys and other products to children who are battling cancer via a wonderful charity called "Candlelighters NYC". This is a fabulous organization that helps these amazing kids and their families cope with the emotional strain of this devastating disease. When you are selecting the recipients for your donations this year, we hope you will consider adding Candlelighters NYC to the top of your list.

Such A Worthy Cause
Definitions of a "worthy cause" varies, depending on who you ask. In our book, we define it as one where you can see your donations directly impacting the lives of families. The look on the children's faces when they received their new toys, games and plushy cuddle friends was priceless.

These children go through so many struggles. Candlelight NYC's objective is to share a glimpse of the joys found in childhood with these families, such as playtime fun, parties and special events, and supportive hugs. We were so proud to be a part of this goal.

The Celebrations 
With life-threatening childhood diseases, it can be hard to find a reason to celebrate. Families spend a great deal of time with the hospital staff making tough choices, watching their children endure painful treatments, and waiting for signs of recovery. They may have travelled far from home to receive care from a particular doctor or hospital program. Parents may have to fly back and forth throughout the week to maintain their jobs in order to cover their medical and living expenses.

Yet, in the midst of such a time, children still want to breathe all of the joys of life in and be considered "normal". They want to laugh, dance, sing, play and be entertained, just like any other child. Candlelight NYC grants their wish by hosting birthday and holiday parties as well as providing VIP passes to concerts, top New York City highlights, and more. These events are carefully planned to ensure the families will have some truly great memories from their stay in New York to bring home.

These Families Are Amazing
To continue the fight and pursue every possible avenue of hope, these families have learned to live in the moments, lean on the other families and friends, and prioritize their hopes, dreams and daily focus around what is truly important. They do not miss a chance to laugh together or make a new friend in the hospital feel welcome. These are resilient children with bright smiles that light up the room. Thankfully, Candlelight NYC invited us to witness that magic happen at one of their events, and it was an incredible experience we will not soon forget. 

11 Years Of Helping
For over a decade, families dealing with this life-threatening illness have had the emotional support of Candlelight NYC present throughout all stages of the disease. From the discovery stage to remission, Candlelight NYC offers a shoulder and needed basic supplies for comfort or a distracting event for courage. They remain in touch for whatever needs the day brings. This is especially true for those who cannot bring many conveniences such as strollers and cribs from home for the siblings. It is organizations like Candlelight and their many close city connections, like the NYC police department, that they have built over time that ease that transition in so many ways. 

Non-Profit Tax Deduction
Not only is this a wonderful cause to put on this year's donation list, but it is also one you can deduct from your taxes. While we realize this is the least of the reasons to contribute, we also understand that tax deductions free up funds for larger donations. Also, when a charity can state your donations are deductible, there is a trust factor that goes along with that statement.

Now that we have introduced our excitement over and remarkable appreciation for this charity as well as the generous work they do for children and their families, we hope you will join us in experiencing this rewarding gift of giving. There are many opportunities to donate items such as gift cards, strollers, toys, care packages and party supplies. If you are in New York City, you may decide to volunteer with one of their joyful celebrations or special events. Click on this list to learn more about services they offer. To become an active volunteer with the Candlelight NYC program, contact them via the volunteer form on their website. We will look forward to seeing you there!

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