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Three Gift Ideas Children Love!
Jan 25, 2019


Do you like most parents shutter at the idea of toys being left in the corner of the playroom or, even worse, outside in the yard for months at a time without so much as a second glance from the same child who begged for those toys over the holidays last year?  Well, that is not going to happen with these toys!  These three items are meant to be socially engaging, not collecting dust in the the toy bin. 

BFF’S Pocket-Sized Friends

Move over Barbie and Littlest Pet Shop, License 2 Play, Inc. brilliantly combines both popular toy items into one hot-selling collection of best friend figures kids can take everywhere with them in their pockets or backpacks.  The ideal size for Mom’s or daughter’s purse, these friends come with the ability to accessorize on-the-go with a handy tiny wardrobe that will keep kids busy during long shopping trips or running errands.

Studies show creative play with dolls promotes imagination, creativity, and emotional well-being.  This is an important component for the development of the child, according to an article by Scott Kaufman in Psychology Today.  The acting out of social situations and emotions is a healthy way to work through problems.  

Bonus for teachers, imaginary play helps students invent wonderful stories to write for school.  Need the kids to come up with topics to write about?  How about letting them play with a set of BFF’s and watch their minds create scenarios that can then be transferred to paper.

Want more inventive playtime fun?  These friends actually come with their own pets!  That’s right.  You can buy a pack of 10 of these adorable pets that get even cuter, if that’s possible, when you see each comes with its own pet bag to be carried in.  The BFF can hold the pet in its purse carrier on her arm!  How precious is that? Your children will adore these little gals and animals, and you will appreciate the many benefits of promoting imaginary playtime.

D-Dart, The Next Generation of Dart Guns!

Have a kid that loves to chase siblings around the yard with soft sponge dart-launching weapons producing hours of safe fun? Give the youngest an advantage with the D-Dart gun.  Capable of holding up to 28 darts and firing up to 22 meters (or 72 feet), this is a must for any family turf-war battles.

Sponge dart guns have promoted many skills, such as giving shy children a chance to be social without having to talk, teaching balance and coordination, and let’s not forget the reinforcing the discipline it takes to site perfectly still not making a sound behind that thin tree trunk for cover.  Did you know your kids could sit so still before purchasing these dart guns?  It is amazing the tactical strategies they will invent with these guns.  Their creativity will skyrocket in finding new ways to get around the obstacles without getting hit.  If they are hit, the good news is they can jump right back into play, depending on the family or neighborhood game rules. The darts are made of sponge materials, so go ahead and let them build a community of daily battles without the safety worries.

Youth groups and community centers would be great places to use these D-Dart guns as well.  The more the merrier with this game.  Who says the battle has to end at the edge of the yard?  Buy these sought-after weapons for teambuilding exercises for teens.  It’s alright to admit the staff had fun too!  

Need to cover more ground?  Share the darts with teammates carrying other dart-holding products as those included are compatible most related toys found in stores.  Whether you choose automatic or single shot, this gun is a huge help in acquiring victory in the fight for justice!

Toilet Paper Blaster!

You heard right!  Designed by Jakk’s Pacific, this is weapon your child can safely use anywhere in or out of your home!  Well, as long as the toilet paper is well stocked that is.  Just a hint, 2-ply works best for distance and ease-of-use.  

This blaster is like spit balls on steroids!  It shoots up to 30 feet and uses water, not spit, for hygienic purposes.  The toilet paper is biodegradable making this environmentally friendly fun.  Plus, the spitballs leave no skid marks making cleanup a breeze!  

As long as your children insist on playing soldier in the backyard, they may as well use the safest weapons.  Buy one for each, set up some quick obstacles with materials you probably have around the house, garage or yard, and get ready for hours of “Oooooh, you slimed me!” fun.  Best of all, when the kids come inside for dinner, only the blasters have to come with them.  No more searching in the dark for the hard-to-spot darts in the grass you will find for days later.  This is the ideal easy way to host a yard party for the kiddos!

Whether your child is into dolls or active game play, these three toys are the type of item parents, teachers and youth group leaders look forward to buying for interactive play.  Even your shy little ones will develop a voice with the BFF's, and the kids who cannot seem to stay focused will find a new reason to control movement to avoid cross-fire in turf wars with the D-Dart gun and Toilet Paper Blaster.  If you want them away from the XBox and tablets, these are must haves for every family.



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