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Items that Help Kids Find the Love in Valentine's Day Too!
Feb 05, 2019


While we tend to think of Valentine’s Day as primarily a day to buy chocolates or flowers and celebrate the growing love between dating partners and spouses over a nice meal, the holiday has evolved over the years into one promoting the overall spirit of joy found in loving your family, friends and community. Adults and children alike get into the season with sweet, fun or sentimental gift exchanges. On this day, we suggest following examples for stocking the shelves with gifts to help your customers’ children get excited about participating in the holiday of amor.

Hit Of The Class! Gifts That May Be Attached To Cards 

Valentine’s Day card swaps are a big part of this season.  But, why stop with the card? Whether making their own unique cards or buying a ready-made pack, those students who like to go all out for the Valentine’s Day card exchange at school would surely get inspired to take it to the next level with these extras.

Candyland Lollypop Woods Lip Balm adds the sweet to any card without the sugar. Plus, with chapped lips a plenty in the winter season, this item would be very appreciated by all! If they prefer a more edible treat and like the idea of showing their true emotions, students may prefer the Emoticandy where popular emojis become tasty. Each emoji-shaped candy has a refreshing lemon sour flavor. These candies are individually wrapped making them perfect for attaching to Valentine’s Day cards. With gifts like these sent in to school with their students’ cards, parents will feel proud their child’s classmates think their little cutie is the toast of the play yard!

Valentine's Day Snuggle Bundles

Some call them gift baskets, Fancy Nancy would likely have a French term for it like panier-cadeau, but we simply call them snuggle bundles. Whatever you call them, displaying a nicely wrapped basket of multiple novelty items is an easy way to entice customers to purchase more toys to create their own bundles at home. Here is how you can make one in your store to demonstrate for parents to recreate at home with the toys you sell for that amazing snuggle buddy in in their lives.  

Take a standard willow Easter basket or any other nice container that meets your size requirement.  Place a shelf of small cardboard boxes along the bottom. Shower the inside with crinkle paper until it is spilling over.  Now, the best part, prop up small token treasures inside and wrap the entire basket with cellophane wrap. Tie it at the top with a large bow, and voila! Your customers will love these! 

Don’t know what to fill it with?  May we suggest our top novelty picks for 2019 such as Smooshy Mushy characters, Ring Pop Puppies, Charm Stone bracelet kits, Bananas mini friends, Disney Doorables and So Bomb bath bombs? Each of these items is small and easy to store in a pocket, purse or backpack for children to take everywhere they go. Since all but the bath bombs are collectibles, your customers are likely to be visiting your store again and again.

Sitters Needs Games And Activities Too!

While parents are out to diner and movie, the babysitter will need something to do to keep the kiddos entertained and their minds off of, “When is Mommy coming home?” Catering to babysitters is a wonderful way to boost sales because every good sitter has a few tricks for distraction up his or her sleeve. Games such as the Harry Potter Wizarding World Niffler Challenge will help the older children and younger children play together as they use their magic wands and collect coins and jewelry. This is a game every Harry Potter enthusiast will want to bring over when babysitting. 

Another great sitter idea to suggest is the hilarious Tiny Hands Challenge game where children and their babysitter have to perform stunts using tiny hands. This game is laugh out loud fun for all ages. We challenge the sitter to keep a straight face because we couldn’t!

Family Building Night In

Some families are looking for a way to stay at home and bond with the entire family with their gift selections during holidays. Building sets are excellent bonding activities to put on display. Knex will offer unlimited building possibilities for school-age children who want to create the tallest skyscraper or perhaps an entire cityscape made complete with cars and buses. Unlike boxed sets with specific directions and parts made for one design, this set can be taken built up in any direction.  Then, children can demolish the structure without worry in preparation for the next imaginative building idea.

Have a customer in need of a new kind of construction set? Try suggestion Flexo building sets. This is the only flexible brick building set available on the market and is compatible with most brick building manufacturers. With bright colors and the flexibility to do more than ordinary building block bricks, this added dimension may even entice older siblings who thought they had outgrown the blocks to leave the electronics and come to the floor or table to play with their younger siblings. Read more about Flexo products by clicking here.

All the toys we sell add a sprinkle of Valentine’s Day magic to children’s hearts and minds. These gifts will provide hours of fun and smiles for all, whether the parents use a sitter or stay home. But, they are also wonderful ways to create sweet memories for families to share, which is the core essence of the meaning of Valentine’s Day for children and their parents.


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