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The NY Toy Fair from the Eyes of a Store Owner
Feb 18, 2019


New York City hosts one of the largest toy fairs in the world each year.  Vendors from major established brands as well as those from new brands making their debut will all be there in one location for four amazing days of sheer toy-related fun! When you think about it, is there a more entertaining type of trade show than one demonstrating the latest toys? Just imagine four days of meeting influential vendors and sellers, watching the latest toy ideas be presented to you before the rest of the world as if you are a VIP of the toy industry, and rubbing elbows with some of the toy manufacturing legends who helped shape the toy world into what it is today.

What Can The 2019 NY Toy Fair Do For My Store?  

The NY Toy Fair boasts over 415,000 square feet dedicated to toys and games. With over 10,000 global industry professionals visiting each year and enough domestic merchants to make up nearly 90% of the U.S. market, the opportunities for your business to advance here are too numerous to name them all. However, here are just a few of the highlights.

Latest and Greatest Toys On Display!

Whatever you niche is, the toys you want to see, demo, learn about, or buy will probably be here. In fact, there are more than 150,000 different toys and youth entertainment products on exhibit during these four short days! So, next year, do not miss this huge opportunity to gain that level of access before the public and stock your shelves with the products that best fit your business needs.  Go ahead and add this to your 2020 budget because it will pay off in a big way! In other words, once the public finds out about the top picks, it might be hard to watch the other stores sell them because they placed their orders in advance at the Toy Fair.

Plus, remember what it was like when you went into a store as a child and your parents said not to touch anything because it could break? As a store owner, you probably receive your merchandise in sealed boxes. The vendors here encourage you to touch and examine their merchandise for purchase at the toy fair. How else can you know what your customers will like unless you can play with it first? This is the place to recall your inner child and wear a smile for four days of fun!

Shake Hands With The Manufacturers

Would you like to be the type of store owner who can tell customers something useful about every game and toy you sell?  Of course you would because it is much harder to sell merchandise you do not fully understand. That knowledge comes easily when you are able to walk up to the developers of those products and ask your questions.  Vendors cannot wait to tell anyone and everyone at the Toy Fair about their toys and games for the new year.  In fact, many toy producers are introducing their newest products at the Toy Fair before making them available on the market. 


For that matter, License 2 Play is one of the top wholesale toy distributors and manufacturers in the USA. We offer over 40 premium brands, and we would love to welcome you to the Toy Show next year, learn about your store needs, show you some of our toys, help you sign up for our catalogue, and answer all your questions about our brands. 

Meet The Expert Store Owners

If the exhibits and manufacturers are not enough of a reason for you to book your hotel stay now for next year, how about some valuable advice on ways to reduce overhead costs or how to place your products to encourage more consumer spending? Maybe you are a small business owner in need of a few select products or perhaps you are aiming to amass all the top sellers for 2019.  Whatever your ordering goal, it is very likely you will be standing beside someone in your industry with wonderful tips and expert advice on how to increase your profits.  Marketing budgets and taxes alone can be tricky to master. Stick around after demonstrations to ask questions or strike up a conversation with the person admiring the same toys.  This is a wonderful way to start a potentially lasting connection with people who have a shared business interest and love to talk about what they do. 

There is nothing like the NYC Toy Fair for people in the toy and gaming industry.  The advantages of attending far outweigh the cost, and we hope to be part of the reason you are attending.  We were certainly excited about seeing so many new and old friends there! Make sure to register for next year, and let us know you are coming so we can look for you.

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