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Valentine’s Day Top Novelty Toy Picks
Feb 01, 2019


Looking for that social media postworthy Valentine’s Day gift for the apple-of-your-customer's-eye that will make their hearts soar with warm gushy thoughts of sheer happiness?  Well, these small novelty items might do the trick! Here are our suggestions for the top Valentine’s Day treasures in 2019.    

Smooshy Mushy

This name says it all with these toys! Just one squeeze of these adorable squishy friends and you will see why this toy performs both the role of beloved imaginary friend and cute stress reliever for your customers' children. The soft material makes this an ideal toy for indoor catch and throw games as well for rainy days. With so many characters to choose from, why not suggest customers buy a few and keep them in the handy refrigerator playset?  By adding the café playset, children will be entertained for hours as the characters move from the fridge to be served at the café.  

Charming Ring Pop Puppies

What better way to show love than with a puppy? Combining idea of the ever-popular ring pop candy with the love of jewelry and puppies, these mini pets are sure to melt any child’s heart. There are five colors of puppies, and these little guys can stow away in their ring carrying case for quick travel to run errands or go out to dinner. For children who loves animals and jewelry, this is a great gift to top the list of Valentine’s Day surprises. 

Trendy Charm Stone Bracelet

Speaking of jewelry, how about a bracelet? This gift idea is for those who like the idea of the Ring Pop but favor something a little shinier with a bit more shimmer. Check out these Charm Stones! Each one can be chipped away to expose a special surprise gem stone inside.  Children who feel you are never fully dressed without your jewels will be able to showcase their latest discovery in the included cord bracelet.  Plus, one out of every 1,000 made has an actual diamond!  Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like real diamonds! Each kit comes with a tool set and Charm Stone. With a variety of colors to choose from, parents can find the one that matches their child’s inner sparkle! Be certain to recommend capturing each reveal on video in case they get lucky.

Sweet Bananas!

Children who enjoy taking friends along wherever they go will also enjoy these scented mini characters hidden inside a banana peel case.  Each banana contains a mini friend, gem stone sticker and their very own hanging vine for times when they are not on-the-go. When you have a few Banana friends, their vines link together for easy room storage and showcasing of the characters. There are nearly 100 different figurines and some are rare or limited editions, so do not be shocked with your customers come back for more!     

Darling Disney Doorables

These are beloved Disney mini characters your child can take in a small pocket, backpack or purse to school, a friend’s house, the grocery store or while shopping for that next Doorable. Disney has been producing movies about love since “Sow White And The Seven Dwarfs” in 1938. Therefore, no top Valentine’s gift selection would be complete without mentioning some of the most notable characters in toy form. 

Since that first movie, little girls everywhere have felt like princesses with their Disney princess dolls and dress-up clothes.  Now, children can re-enact their favorite Disney movies anywhere with these tiny collectibles. Add the castle playsets for more fun!  The castle set comes with three castles that link together to provide enough space for all the Doorables.

Have customers who adore the Doorables and Disney films but not a fan of the princesses? No need to worry because there are characters from popular movies like “Wreck It Ralph” and “Monster, Inc.”. With such a selection, every child can find that “have to have” Doorable resulting in that one-of-a-kind smile. If he or she cannot decide, there is always the Multi Peek Pack where the number of characters and their names are a surprise until the doors are opened for the big exciting reveal.

So Bomb! Fizzy Bath Bomb Kits

Consider going beyond the usual to offer a hint of amazing to children's bath play time this Valentine’s Day. These fizzy scented bath bombs make bath time more fun than ever before! Children love to make these bath bombs while watching them turn a regular bath into something extraordinary.  

Each kit includes three molds for the bath bombs, three bags of baking soda, three bags of citric acid powder, a bag of decorative sprinkles, a pipette, three surprise toys to hide inside, and easy-to-follow instructions.  With three powder colors to mix and match, children can create new favorite colors every time. When the bomb fizzes in water, beautiful rainbows of fragrant bubbles fill the tub.

These are just some of the many hot gift ideas that would add some of that Valentine’s Day magic while making some cherished memories for your customers to share with their children this year.  Portable friends, loveable pets, surprising jewelry, and colorful bath explosions will all be a hit with children who enjoy a dash of the unexpected. 

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