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Product Spotlight: Flexo
Dec 01, 2018


Flexo is the world’s only flexible brick system and children all over have fallen in love with them. Brick systems like Lego have inspired the imagination of children for years, but now you can take it a step further with the amazing Flexo system. Their products make a great companion to the brick building sets you undoubtedly already carry in your store.

What is Flexo?

Born out of an appreciation for how the human body works, Flexo bricks are a kind of block set that features a rigid construction brick paired with a group of “tendons” that help make your imagination come to life. These tendons allow the builders to be completely in control of the design and shape of a block structure and give more life to their creations. The flexible tendons allow the structures to bend and bounce and move around in ways that were impossible before. And best of all, they are also compatible with all major play brick brands so you can use them with the sets you already have!

Flexo Creators Love to Play

The creators of Flexo appreciate play more than most and instead of trying to outdo some of the other products out there, they recognized the simplicity and perfection of play bricks and saw a way that they could build upon them(pun intended). Click here to see a video they created to highlight the possibilities of their products and explain how they work.

Why Include Flexo?

If you already have block systems in your store, why should you include this additional product in your inventory? The answer is simple: versatility. While other traditional block systems seem to have no limit except your imagination, the truth is you are truly limited by the angles and edges of the blocks that you have. Whereas with Flexo, children can create more than structures but actual moving pieces that interact with each other and encourage the builder to not only construct the shell of a thing but imagine the way it works as well. A child can build a working trebuchet, or a suspension system in the truck they just built, or even a bird with wings that flap. It helps children, and adults as well, think about the mechanics of what they are building and the flexibility of each working part in real life. It is the perfect combination of architecture and engineering for children and adults to have fun with and learn from.

Learning is Fun

Children’s minds are always inquisitive and imaginative in the beginning. But without fostering those traits, they begin to lose interest in learning and become less inclined to work things out for themselves and instead search for the easiest way from point A to point B. But children who are taught to work things out for themselves and problem-solve with real world style issues, grow up to be adults who can change the world. That is the kind of learning that Flexo products encourage.

Flexo lets the children build and create and imagine with no limits and no expectations except to create something they love. There are instructional kits that come with directions to build a specific item, such as the ocean life series, but once a child learns the basics of building, they have no limits to what they can create.


The beauty of toys really is play, and what an amazing opportunity for you to encourage your customers to do so. To highlight this product, you can have building sessions at your store where you show your customer how they work, or simply display some of the creations you have made yourself. By showing your customers what they can do through these extensions of a toy they are already familiar with, you can breathe new life into their love of play and encourage more sales. It’s a very simple product to work with, but one with unlimited potential, so use that to your advantage and show your customers what they can do.

These blocks come in a variety of colors and variations, including building sets and free play options. Check out our inventory today and don’t miss out on featuring these products in your store this holiday season.

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