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Product Spotlight: So Glow Magic Jars
Aug 07, 2018


It’s important to have a diverse collection of customer favorites and new products in your store to optimize sales. Therefore, we’re excited to present you with our newest collection of So Glow Magic Jars, which can make your store’s selection different from the rest. Using confetti, glitter, and magic powder, kids can make their own nightlight. It’s perfect for a birthday party or sleepover with friends.

What’s Behind So Glow?

So Glow is the newest addition to our own brand of creative toys, which also includes So Bomb and So Slime. So Glow builds on the same theme that allows children to get creative. In addition to having something memorable to keep, So Glow involves children by having them create the nightlight using the materials and instructions provided with the kit.

So Glow can be used by kids of all ages. Each Magic Jar comes with stickers, surprise figurines, and sticker sheets. There are six different styles to choose from, and every jar comes with the color-changing LED lights that give So Glow its name.

Why Kids Love So Glow

Young children have a vivid imagination and many of them enjoy the comfort of a nightlight. But even teenagers don’t like sleeping in the dark, although they may not want a traditional nightlight. So Glow gives kids the opportunity to create something of their own that they can use every night. The soft glowing light from these Magic Jars will keep children feeling safe and secure.

The So Glow nightlights can be safely placed in the child’s bedroom. As long as the lid is shut properly, no spillage will occur. Your child can even carry the Magic Jar with them when they need to find their way in the dark. At the same time, the light isn’t too bright to prevent a good night’s sleep. Lastly, the So Glow Magic Jars can be a wonderful keepsake for your child even when they outgrow the need for a nightlight.

How It Works

The kits include everything you need to make your own Magic Jar. All you have to add is water. To get your Magic Jar to glow, you must fill the jar with the ingredients you want to use. These include the magic powder color of your choosing, glitter, confetti, and a character. The last step is to close the jar and shake it up. You can also decorate the outside of your jar with stickers.

So Glow Magic Jars come in six different colors and each represents a separate theme. For example, the yellow nightlight is happy whereas bright green stands for harmony. There are also cosmic purple, blue dream, and chill aqua. Finally, there is a pink nightlight to represent love.

See for Yourself

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video can be even more illuminating. Click here to see a product demonstration of So Glow on YouTube. These nightlights can make a big difference to your child’s bedroom and make going to bed a lot more fun for them. Additionally, it offers them the opportunity to engage in a fun activity with friends.

Why Crafts Sell

Regardless of what you’re store’s focus is, it’s a great idea to include crafts and do-it-yourself projects on your shelves. Getting messy, mixing ingredients, following instructions, and having a final product to show for is pretty powerful. Projects like So Glow allow children to independently a new toy without intense adult supervision. It encourages them to be creative and follow instructions at the same time. The fun part is that they get to keep the Magic Jar for a long time and enjoy watching it glow at night.

To encourage sales of crafts, it’s a good idea to position these items together in your store. That allows customers to browse similar products and possibly take home more than one activity. Crafts are great for birthday parties and sleepovers, too, because they’re fun to make in a group setting.

Browse Our Crafts Selection

We have different products available in the So Glow collection that you can stock in your store. You might lick the Mini Jar assortment that allows kids to make three nightlights at a time. You can also buy a magic jar kit that includes one large jaw. Finally, we also have the So Glow Studio, which is a mixing workstation that makes it even easier to create the So Glow Magic Jars.



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