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Surprising Toys And Candies For Easter
Mar 19, 2019


This Easter, whether you want to stock your shelves with traditional bunny-related toys or something unique and surprising, we have the products your customers want. What do these top picks have in common? They are all adorable, huggable and loveable. Did we mention they all come in collections? Make sure you buy several because these collectable items will make your customers return for more! 

Anne Geddes' Baby Bunny Rose & Bunny Snow
License 2 Play offers children the opportunity to care for their very own baby dolls dressed in adorable bunny costumes this Easter. Anne Geddes is famous for her beautiful baby photographs. She has sold millions of copies of her books and calendars. Now, her life-like imagery continues in the expressions of these baby dolls your customers will fawn over. How can they get even cuter? By adding a sweet infant bunny outfit, of course. With the look and feel of a real baby, these bean-filled dolls will be a hot-selling item this Easter for any child who loves interactive playtime.

While the bunny costume comes in pink for Bunny Rose and white for Bunny Snow, there are eight costumed babies available for purchase in a variety of equally precious outfits to warm the hearts of shoppers. Additional outfit choices include a cuddly kitten, happy hedgehog, lovely ladybug, fabulous fairy, delightful bumble bee, and snuggly bear. These nine-inch realistic babies will be hard for parents to walk by without a pause to admire the artistry. They are definitely worthy of their own space in every toy store.

Hatchimals Glittering Garden Mystery Minis
You never know which loveable character will hatch to say hello with these little eggs. Let your customers start the holiday with a surprise inside with these Hatchimals Minis. Small enough to carry in Mom's purse, yet just the perfect size to clip to a child's backpack, these cute creatures bring the adorable wherever children travel. Plus, the fact that there are ten cuddly characters to collect coupled with the low price makes them ideal for behavior rewards. For more Hatchimal fun with a surprisingly sweet treat inside, try the Hatchimals Light Up Candy Spinner or Hatchimals Pops Up Blister Card CD.  

Happy Bunny Mints
For adults and children with a little mischief-making side who would like to find a candy that is refreshing yet not too sweet, may we suggest the Happy Bunny Mints. These bunny tins exhibit a nostalgic flare while cute bunny characters express some slightly naughty mint humor. Sure to leave kids and adults chuckling at the checkout counter when they read the silly jokes on their box covers, this is a great item for any end cap or checkout display. With 18 to choose from, we think these mints offer a little levity to the day for anyone who could use a good laugh.

Pikmi Pops Surprise Eggs
Sometimes, we wish our toys could smell as good as candy. That wish was granted with these Pikmi Pops Surprise Eggs! Much like the Hatchimal Minis, these eggs contain a surprising furry friend that will make kids squeal with excitement. There are 15 characters to collect, and each comes with a guide to show children which one they have adopted.

Best of all, they smell as wonderful as they look! Each one has its own scent. So, kids will enjoy receiving these as rewards or "just because" gifts throughout the year and collecting all the characters with their different scents. Plus, at just two inches in height, these bunnies are easily portable for playtime fun with friends or a friendly face at the doctor's office.    

Little Live Pets
Coming out of one's shell can be a tricky. Just ask these enchanting baby dragon characters who tap and growl as they hatch from their eggs. Kids will get a kick out of watching them hop around and flap their wings in an attempt to fly. When it's time for baby dragons to rest, simply put the baby back into his or her egg to see when the hatching will begin again. Purchase all the characters to create a dragon nursery. Occasionally, customers may find the rare Special Edition Ruby Dragon. 

The Little Live Pets pair well with Hatchimal Minis and Pikmi Pops for an extra bit of excitement this Easter. They would make a conversation-sparking display when placed in different areas of a bird or hamster cage. Another inspiring way to showcase these collections is to use an Easter basket, filled with crinkle paper to support the eggs. This will allow children to see the eggs up close and decide which color to buy off the shelf.

Dragon Ball Z Tins
One more eggciting item you won't want to miss out on stocking this year is the Dragon Ball Z Tins. Each tin is filled with a red star candy that will be delight the recipients' taste buds and satisfy their sugar cravings. However, perhaps the main appeal of this tin is the anime character on the box at a time when the new Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie is about to be released to the public on May 10th. If you have anime fans in your store, these are definitely going to be a hit!

Whether your customers desire to fill their baskets with something lovable and charming or a little sweet tasting instead, these items are likely to fly off shelves this Easter. There is something for everyone in this group of toys and candy. Both adults and kids alike will find it hard to surpress the excitiment as they discover what secrets the eggs and tins contain. With Anne Geddes'  Bunny Rose and Bunny Snow, children will find a doll they can care for as if it was real. If variety is the key to success for toy sales, then these collection items should be the perfect blend to boost your revenue over Easter or any occasion! 

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