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Why We Can’t Wait for the 2019 Toy Fair!
Jan 02, 2019



Ah, the New York Toy Fair! The creme-de-la-creme of the buyers and sellers with all the latest whosits and whatsits are all gathered in one place for a pulse-racing four days of exploring trends, mingling, and getting sneak peaks at the newest editions to the toy industry. So, yes, you could say we are a little excited! You should be too, and here is why.

The Hottest Toy Trends

We know what was popular in 2018. Want to know what we will be planning to keep in bountiful stock for 2019 shoppers? This is where we find and market those innovative products that some exceptionally bright business analysts believe will skyrocket in production for the upcoming year. If you are looking for more guidance with what to put on the shelves, this is where you go whether you are into toys made to be learning-oriented, high-end, unique, or just-for-fun.

For manufacturers, this is where you get inspired, showcase your best products, and learn ways to improve your marketing strategies from watching and meeting with the largest producers globally. Getting a sit-down with someone at Mattel, Inc. might be tough to manage under any other circumstance. For these four days, the masters are greeting buyers and sellers alike as we walk by their booths and gain exclusive access to what they will be touting in 2019.

Newest Products

What better place to get ideas for new products to make, buy or sell? From action heroes to flying things, this is the ultimate show for anyone interested in what is coming out next. Plus, you get to see it before the public, which makes you feel like you are a genuine celebrity. Well, at least an industry celeb. Just make sure you don't leave your phone at home because you might be rubbing elbows with one of your manufacturing gurus who happens to have the booth next to yours.

Speaking of, learn your best profile angle because the press is everywhere, and you may very well end up in a news article, blog, or vlog. That alone could be worth the trip for retailers and shoppers! Just think, your company name in lights. Alright, maybe more likely your name is in a lovely Cambria font. But, you get the idea. If you are looking to make headlines, the Toy Fair is the best chance of doing just that.

Top Merchants

Right about now, you might be wondering who, besides clearly us ahem, are going to attend this year's show. Although we cannot list the over 30,000 global sellers or 1,000 exhibitors in this article, we can highlight a few of the fan favorites. Special note, for those who do condone name-dropping, this is a good time to skip to the next paragraph. 

For the rest of us who find comfort in a familiar logo, we can announce companies such as Disney, Legoland, Target, Hobby Lobby, NBC-Universal Orlando, National Geographic Museum Store, and featured exhibitor, Play Monsters, LLC will be present. What toys are they shopping for this year? You are probably by now joining us in thinking, we don't want to wait until the toys hit the shelves to find out. Like minds think alike. Let's find out together! We will see you there.

Networking For Both Sellers and Buyer

Not convinced yet? Would the idea of networking with all of those exhibitors and sellers in the same location help? It isn't only your booth neighbors who may be wanting to share with you about what works for them and asking you for your contact information. Anyone looking for partnerships, advice, or new clients should attend the Toy Fair because both those who craft and those who market the crafts will be scouring all the booths and exhibits searching for new and old contacts for the same reasons. There will be plenty of resources for any new or established business to utilize for marketing strategies, supply vs demand purchasing tips, and design techniques. This is your best chance to ask questions and find answers from the experts. Our hint for newbies to the industry is to meet as many people as possible. 

The Awards Ceremony

We do go for the creativity, innovation, amazing contacts, and, let’s not forget, famous NYC pizza. But, we would remiss if we did not mention we also enjoy staying for the TOTY or Toy of the Year Awards. Each year, The Toy Association presents awards to those makers of toys, games and properties who challenge us all to think outside-the-box and take our ideas to new heights. The TOTY program also helps supply new toys to children in need. It is a time for celebration and giving back to the community. 

Bottom line, whatever you are into in the world of toys, the Toy Fair in New York is like no other! Make your travel arrangements early, and get ready for a wonderful long weekend of adventure and discovery. Once you go, you will be hooked like us on attending year-after-year. Register now!


Show Hours

Saturday, February 16th  9 am - 6 pm

Sunday, February 17th  9 am - 6 pm

Monday, February 18th  9 am - 6 pm

Tuesday, February 19th  9 am - 4 pm


On-Site Registration

Thursday, February 14th 12 pm-5 pm

Friday, February 15th  9 am - 5 pm

Saturday, February 16th - Monday, February 18th  8 am - 6 pm

Tuesday, February 19th   8 am - 4 pm

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