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Toys And Games That Will Keep The Laughs Going
Apr 01, 2019



Kid pranks like mashed potato sundaes, frozen cereal bowls, and googly eyes on food in the fridge over April Fools' Day are fun. But, when it comes to toys and games that produce on-going silliness and laughter, these products are hard to beat! Check out our top list of toys the pranksters and jokesters in your store will love.


This is for the emoji fans in your store. One side is an egg. But, the other side, well let's just say they are definitely not baby chicks! They are Poonicorns. These plush toys that are reversible, squishable and colorful will have everyone laughing at how adorable potty humor can be. Standing 12 inches tall, the Poonicorns are perfect toys for those customers with a good sense of humor. 

How does it get better than a 12 inch rainbow plush toy? Check out these 16 inch Poonicorn pillows! That's right, these crazy popular emojis are now being made into the form of a pillow to add a splash of color and fun to children's rooms everywhere. 

Toilet Paper Blaster

Is there a better prank than launching "spit balls" at family and friends throughout the house and neighborhood? With a reach of up to 30 feet, no one is safe from the Toilet Paper Blaster. For store owners with a sidewalk or grassy area outside, this is also a great way to occupy older active children while parents are shopping. Simply load the toilet paper, fill the water container, and laugh as you watch from a safe distance through the store window while the kids squeal with excitement and run! The toilet paper is biodegradable, and no skid marks are left behind making clean up a cinch. 

Bubble Slime

Need we say more? Slime is both super fun and can be used for many practical jokes! However, Bubble Slime is unique in that it can also be stretched, bounced, inflated to create slime bubbles, or pop. This is a wonderful example of an entertaining toy to keep children in the store busy as they take turns seeing who can bounce the bubble the highest. When not in use, store the slime in the provided storage bag and conatiner that even has a place for the included straw. Order all three colors to stock your shelves with this product for all the kids that will want to bring it home after seeing what it can do! 

When you search for our Bubble Slime, check out the many other So Slime products that will add the ooey gooey for the practical jokers and science buffs. Kids will learn in their own portable slime lab about mixing colors, creating slime that changes colors, and making slime glow in an interactive way. Parents will be thrilled these kits do not come with the mess or additional required purchases of most slime recipes. Everything is included!

What's In The Box

Have you ever used your hand to guess what squishy, gross or scary food or other item has been placed in a box? This hilarious game has appeared in a number of television shows, and can now be availalbe for your customers to purchase in order to make their own impromtu videos and posts of friends and family guessing at home. If your customers follow "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon, they have probably giggled along as Jimmy and guests like Jennifer Lopez reached their hands into the box in an effort to guess by feel alone what was inside. Let your customers take this game home to ask their loved ones, "What's In The Box"? 

Fake News Card Game

Republicans and Democrats are at odds over many issues, though we think this Fake News Card Game will have people from both parties roaring with laughter while teaching students about famous quotes from political figures. Players hold seven cabinet cards in their hands and one fake news card. When a quote is turned over, players have to remember who said it or play their fake news card when they believe it was made up. It's like a funny version of Trivial Pursuit for political quotes. The first person to accrue 11 points wins the game! 

Pranks and jokes make April Fools' Day what it is today. However, if you want to make your customers laugh all year long, these games and toys will be a hit in every household! From the squashable to the hysterical, there are fabulously lively conversations to be had and purchases to be made from this list.


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