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5 Ways to Make Winter Indoor Playtime Rock!
Mar 01, 2019


Does the cold winter have you and your child feeling pinned up indoors?  Are you ready to scream out loud for everyone to turn off the electronics yet you are out of ideas for activity replacements? If you answered an enthusiastic “Yes!” to either of these questions, we have five suggestions to replace this season’s ho-hums with hoo-rays! These toys and games will transform the colder months at home into a wonderland of imagination and socially engaging play. 


  • The Perfect Size To Play Everywhere!

    For the young ones, we recommend adding a friend to keep them warm with hugs while improving social skills through imaginary play.  There are many dolls and figurines on the market that can encourage your child to create and explore social situations. Try surprising your child with mini scented Bananas friends by License 2 Play. 

    The banana peels back to reveal a special mini character friend that can travel in any small pocket or purse.  There are almost a hundred to collect and share, so this is a great toy to buy in bulk and hide away for fun treat days or rainy day blues.  Best of all, these mini collectables are the perfect size for your child to play with while running errands or waiting for food to be served at a restaurant. With this mini size, your child will never have to be without a friend around!

  •  Too Young For Self-Play? No Problem! 

    When children are too young to play by themselves, a doll that can promote verbal skills because she talks would be awesome! Now, let’s find one that is based on a popular book and cartoon series to add some planned adventures. Voila! The Fancy Nancy doll by Jakk’s Pacific speaks to teach fun new words and is based on the cartoon and books we all love!

    Fancy Nancy will melt away the outdoor chill while curling up with you and your child to read about her beloved adventures. Then, your child can watch her new friend live out those experiences in the cartoons. This doll is a great way to show how books can be fun while inviting your child to begin some adventures of her own.
  • Imagination Running Full Steam! 

    Calling all future architects, general contractors and engineers. The building fun will never cease to amaze with Knex building sets!  Going beyond the “construct this image on the box” mentality, these building sets will open your child’s mind to unlimited possibilities.

    With younger children, try to see who can build the tallest structure or who can change the wheels on the cars you make together the fastest like they do at a real race. Older children can attempt to build skyscrapers or challenge their siblings to race the cars they build.  May the best builder win! There is so much to do with these sets your child is likely to forget about Xbox for hours! 
  • For The Wizards In Your Home

    Whether your child is a Harry Potter fan, has a competitive spirit, or simply loves jewels and wands, the Harry Potter Wizard Wands will offer repeated interactive fun. Babysitters and parents alike can encourage young wizards to practice mastering up to 11 different spells. But, beware. The wands know when the wizards make mistakes. We like this game because the wands are made to be shared with friends and sometimes we all need an activity centered on a beloved book and movie series to bring the family and friends together.
  • Large Muscle Fun With Toilet Paper Blasters! 

    Work off the holiday feasts and clear the winter blahs the easy and entertaining way with the Toilet Paper Blaster! When you are at your wits end and climbing the walls with trying to stay indoors, it’s time to break out the big guns.  Well, toilet paper shooting guns, to be exact!  This toy is our favorite indoor suggestion to get your child off Fortnite and into a physical activity!  We like to say this toy helps the entire family work on those New Year’s resolutions we've all forgotten already to be healthier with large muscle stimulation and strategy exploration while promoting good sanitary habits.  Plus, the Toilet Paper Blasters will keep you all rolling with laughter, which can burn even more calories! 

    Load the 2-Ply toilet paper, fill up the water bottle, and take cover to avoid the spit balls your child is sending at you from up to 30 feet away while you think of new ways to get your revenge. With no skid marks left for quick clean up, this toy makes for the ideal response to, “I have nothing to do!”


With a wide range of interests and ages, it can be hard to combat the winter boredom.  However, with the help of toys and games such as these, turning those frowns into smiles and laughter is simple and effortless.  With toys that explore creating endless structures and social scenarios and those that will inspire your child to work on counting and reasoning skills, these stay-at-home days are going to become some of the best days of the year! We promise not to be surprised if you find yourself getting wrapped up in the joy of being indoors at home too.  



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