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5 Reasons You Can't Miss Out on Cutie Cars
Jul 20, 2017


Some manufacturers manage to land one hit after another. Moose Toys is one of them. They have just announced that they’re coming out with Cutie Cars for Shopkins, and the expectations for this new collection are just as high as the previous releases of their Shopkins characters. The new Cutie Cars collection will be released August 15th, so you can expect your customers to come looking for them before school is back in session. We can think of at least 5 reasons why you don’t want to miss out on this wholesale opportunity.

1. They’re Part of the Shopkins Experience

Shopkins have been popular for a long time. Season 8 is ready to come out, and there’s no sign of decreasing popularity with these toys. It’s amazing to behold, but Moose Toys keeps coming out with new Shopkin characters that are just as popular as the ones before them. Now young customers will not only want to collect the Shopkins, but the cars they drive in.

Technically, the Cutie Cars are driven by Petkins. Petkins are special edition characters from season 4. These were grocery items crossed with pets. They’re even tinier than the regular Shopkins, which makes the Cutie Cars and their drivers even more adorable.

2. They Are Tiny

Tiny is in. You can see it with many of the collectible toys today. While tiny toys can be frustrating to parents, who end up finding them all over the house, they’re precious to kids. It’s unclear why tiny toys are so much fun, but it might have something to do with the fact that adults would never play with them. And kids adore things that adults don’t necessarily enjoy even more than the toys that adults would like to play with, too. The tiny Shopkin cars are so cute that friends will line up to play with them, too. And every one of them will try to outdo the other by having the bigger collection. And that’s where your store comes into play.

3. They Are Collectibles

Collecting things isn’t just fun for grown-ups. Children love the Shopkins collection, because there is always something new to play with. The Cutie Cars are no different. In fact, they match some of the most popular Shopkins characters with their design. And the cars even come with their own tiny little Shopkin character. The collections include Cutie Fruities, Cutie Cakes, Candy Cuties, and Freezy Riders. There will even be some Limited-Edition cars. These are Fashion cars that come with exclusive Shopkin characters. 

4. They Are Adorable and Fun to Play With

Ask any young girl, and they’ll tell you that Shopkins are fun to play with. The characters are funny on TV, but being able to play with them at home is even better. Many Shopkin characters are just so cute and adorable that children won’t be able to get enough of them. And because the collection is so big, Shopkins never get old. There’s always another Shopkin character or Cutie Car to get and show off to your friends. 

5. Your Customers Will Ask for Them

If someone is collecting Shopkins, then they won’t be a happy customer until they have purchased another one of them. You can bet that come August your younger customers will be asking you for the Cutie Cars. If you put them on display, you’ll have an easy time making sales. That’s because they’re new and yet familiar. Kids don’t have to see them to know that they want them and will enjoy playing with them. They already know the Shopkins line, and every single one of these items has delivered on its promise.

How You Can Sell the Cutie Cars

The first series of Cutie Cars includes 17 different vehicles, ready to hit the road. Cutie Cars can be purchased individually with several different Shopkin characters as drivers. But there are also some Limited-Edition Cutie Cars that include an exclusive Shopkin. You can bet that these will be highly sought-after items.

To make the most of the new release from Moose Toys, it’s best to display these Cutie Cars in a prominent area of your store. None of your customers will be able to walk by them without begging their parents to buy one. Fortunately, the Cutie Cars are reasonably priced. This means parents are not likely to say no, and some children may even be able to use their allowance to grow their collection. 


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