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Item : 0421-Superman Stretch Bracelet Display
UPC : 859574004217
Description : Every Trrtlz design is available in multiple colorways, with each bead representing a different attribute from love and peace to friendship. Choose the shades that speak to you and represent what you are feeling that day or simply choose your favorite colors to make a fashion statement. Your Trrtlz adventure is written by you. Trrtlz are meant to be shared and have become a sentimental currency for gift-giving. They embody who you are, your personal adventure and how you want people to remember you. As you wear your Trrtlz, the colors of the beads will fade, representing the adventures you have embarked upon. When you give someone a faded Trrtlz bracelet, you are sharing your adventures with that person and inviting them to carry a part of you with them. When you give someone a new, brightly colored Trrtlz bracelet, you are helping that person create a new journey of their own.