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Wholesale Little Live Pets Butterfly Single Pack Assortment – Series 5 | 26345-12

UPC : 630996263457

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys LLC

Character Type : Little Live Pets

Little Live Pets Butterfly Single Pack Assortment – Series 5

Little Live Pets Lil' Butterflies are beautiful and dainty. Place them in the palm of your hand and watch as they magically come to life fluttering their wings like a real butterfly! They look and feel so real!

  • Each Lil' Butterfly has dazzling, bright wings, a decorated body, and beautiful eyes.
  • Nurture and feed your Lil' Butterfly on its flower to give it energy.
  • While it is feeding on the flower charger, your butterfly will gently flutter its wings.
  • When they have stopped fluttering, they are ready to play with you.

Your Lil' Butterfly loves to interact and play with you.

The more you play, the happier and more joyful they become. You are able to tell how your Lil' Butterfly feels by the different ways it flaps its wings.

Find them all and create your own beautiful Butterfly display!

**Not Available for Third-Party Sellers**