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Wholesale Blinger 5 Piece Refill Pack Sparkle Collection in 12pc PDQ | 18504

UPC : 889933185042

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys LLC

Character Type : Blinger

The Blinger™ 5 Piece Refill Sets come complete with 75 gems each. They offer a variety of colors, shapes & sizes. The Blinger™ Sparkle Collections will add that much-needed sparkle to take your GLAM status to the next level! 

  • It’s totally safe and easy to use.
  • Whether you’re blinging your hair, fashion pieces, or accessories, these gems stay on all day until you easily comb them out or peel them off!
  • The adhesive works with all hair types and sticks to most materials. 

Blinger™ is the new Glam Styling Tool that allows you to Load, Click, BLING – Hair, Fashion ANYTHING!

  • Once the bling is in your hair or added to your fashions, you will want to sparkle everything, everywhere!
  • Choose from the Brilliance Pack, Jewel Pack, or Rainbow Pack.
  • Blinger™ makes it easy for you to glam it up and add sparkle to your life.
  • The Blinger™ Sparkle Refill Sets are a fashionista’s dream.

**Not Available For Third-Party Sellers*

Keywords: DIY, Accessory, Bedazzle, Bejewel, Hair accessories, Sparkle, Trendy, Tween.