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Wholesale Kindi Kids Toddler Doll Single Pack Assortment A - Series 1 | 50044

UPC : 630996500446

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys LLC

Character Type : Kindi Kids


2020 TOTY FINALIST! Meet the Kindi Kids! The cutest Pre-Schoolers you'll ever see. These adorable girls are full of fun and play! They love attending Rainbow Kindi. A place where every day is about playing and making friends!


  • Meet Donatina and discover the world of Kindi Kids and their Rainbow Kindi!
  • See me eat my Donut Cereal! Pull the spoon out of the cereal, push it up to my mouth and watch the cereal disappear off the spoon!
  • Includes 1 Toddler Doll, 1 Cereal Bowl Shopkin, 1 Spoon Shopkin

Marsha Mello

  • Meet Marsha Mello! Push my Cake Pop up to my mouth and see me take a bite out of it!
  • Squeeze my Babycino and make the marshmallows move!
  • Includes 1 Toddler Doll, 1 Cakepop Shopkin, 1 Babycino Shopkin

For Ages 3 and Up.

**Not Available for Third-Party Sellers**