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5 Top Selling Teacher Appreciation Gifts for Your Retail Store

Oct 01, 2020

These hot-selling personal protection and early educational gifts are a big hit with families looking to show teachers, coaches, and school staff members their appreciation throughout the year! Teachers are always searching for creative ways to stay safe from viruses and offer incentives for good behavior. From germ-fighting equipment to activities that will keep kids engaged in the learning process, these products are sure to be on everyone’s list of favorites for 2020 and 2021!

Personal Protection Slime!
Think hand sanitizer has to be boring? Not with our Antibacterial Slime! The Antibacterial Slime Blister Pack comes with 18 unscented germ-killing slimes in six colors plus storage containers to allow kids and teachers to enjoy cleaning their hands over-and-over again. Every early education teacher will love using this slime as a way to get the kids interested in reducing the risk of spreading germs and cleaning their hands. Parents can pick up one for each student and faculty member or add a couple to a personal protection gift basket.

Pre-made Germ Protection Kits
Speaking of germs, everyone will rest easy in the classroom with our personal hygiene and virus protection kits and supplies! Parents can choose from iFly Smart hand sanitizer, iFly Smart disposable face masks, and three iFly Smart travel kits that students and teachers stay safe and focused on learning. Plus, teachers can take these travel-sized items to the playground, car, home, or anywhere they roam. Perfect for backpacks, sports bags, medicine cabinets, purses, and laptop bags, our personal protection lines make it easy to stay healthy at school, home, or on-the-go! 

Class Pictures in a Digital Puzzle! 
A truly magical gift that will warm any teacher’s heart year-after-year is one of our JigPix puzzles coupled with a shared class photo. Simply download the app and change the puzzle pieces to match any image! Students will have a blast taking different pictures around campus or while distance learning. Then, they will watch in amazement as the puzzle changes with the newly uploaded images. As a bonus, this puzzle is a super fun way to teach digital technology processes and reinforce skills such as problem-solving!?

Activities for Class Rewards
The learning does not have to stop when it’s time for play! When rewarding the class for their hard work, our mess-free kits will provide hours of exploration fun that double as both a class prize and a science experiment. We recommend making a display for home and classroom activities like our popular Swirl & Style Tie Dye Design Station as well as our So Slime and So Sand kits that parents can give as a gift to teachers or use at home for rainy day magic. These products pair perfectly with many science lessons and come with everything teachers or students will need to turn the everyday accessories into wow!   

Handmade Gift Kits 
Our So Bomb and So Soap kits will help students become involved in creating luxurious bath bombs teachers will cherish when they have time to relax and soak their stress away. Each fizzy bath bomb comes with just the right amount of baking soda, citric acid powder, and decorative sprinkles to blend together in the included bath bomb mold. There is even a surprise figurine students can add for extra personalization! Then, kids can add scented soaps that have been frosted and decorated like cupcakes for sweet-smelling gift teachers will be sure to love and kids will have a fabulous time making!

Hence, when it comes to teachers’ gifts that will brighten any faculty or staff member’s day, License 2 Play has it all! Set out these items in a basket display wrapped in cellophane and a bow with a “Thank You, Teacher!” gift tag to further inspire your shoppers. Don’t forget to add your store’s gift card to the mix in case the recipient runs out of these helpful and motivational products that take classroom learning to new heights while staying safe! If you are new to License 2 Play, it’s easy to register. Simply fill out our registration form and email a copy of your Sales Tax Resale Certificate to It’s that easy to begin stocking your store with the latest fast-moving toys, novelty items, and travel protective hygiene products your consumers will want for school, home, and on-the-go anytime fun!