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5 Top Selling Wholesale Toys of 2018

Sep 09, 2018

 Every year thousands of new toys are invented and distributed. We strive to find the best toys for your customers to ensure that you have a comprehensive collection for your store. With a large number of toys, it can be difficult to decide which ones you should stock. Here we present five of the most popular ones from our collection. Of course, we offer many other wholesale toys that you can conveniently order from our website.

One of the newest and most popular toys on the market are Puzoodles. These puzzles are not like any other puzzle you’ve seen before. Each puzzle piece is packaged individually, so you don’t know what you’re getting. Together, the pieces create a fun animal that is made out of food items. For example, Melon Bites is a Shark resembling a watermelon and Fruity Feathers is an owl that looks like a Pineapple. Each box includes assembly instructions that are easy to follow. Puzoodles are a collectible item with 8 different options to choose from. When the puzzle is built, you can play with the toy for a while and then take it apart and reassemble it. It’s a great way to occupy your time while you’re waiting somewhere, but it’s fun to play with at home, too.

Disney Doorables
You don’t have to be a long-term Disney fan to appreciate the Disney Doorables collection. These toys are based on popular Disney movies. You’ll see popular princesses like Cinderella and Elsa along with quirky characters like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Each of the characters is much smaller than you recall. They’re designed to look like tiny figurines where the heads are bigger than the rest.
The Disney Doorables come in cute sets with different locations, including castles, houses, and palaces. Whether you’re selling the Mini Packs of Disney Doorables or the sets with characters, your youngest customers will appreciate the magic of Disney all over again. The playsets can be mixed and match, allowing Micky Mouse to play in Elsa’s ice palace and Cinderella to visit the Mad Hatter.

Cry Babies
Children love playing with babies, real and plush versions. The Cry Babies are as real as it gets when it comes to toys. Not only do they have a cute pacifier and adorable onesies, they also cry real tears when they’re upset. The effect is accomplished by filling the baby with real water. Your child will enjoy making the baby happy by rocking it, cuddling it, or giving it a paci.

You don’t have to have a lot of accessories to have fun with this toy. Your child can use their imagination to build a beautiful bed for their baby, complete with pillow and blanket. The Cry Babies like coming along to play, and they already know how to sit. Their arms and legs can move, which makes it easier to hug and cuddle the Cry Babies.

You’re probably already familiar with emoticons and Emoji. The MojiMoto collection follows along that same theme. Each MojiMoto is an adorable character, such as an ice-cream cone or a rainbow-colored unicorn. Each of the characters can repeat what you say in their unique fun voice. That leads to lots of laughs and games with the entire family. To record something, you utilize the buttons on the back. When the MojiMoto plays back what you say, the mouth moves and the eyes blink, too. Kids can spend hours making hilarious voice recordings and playing funny sounds back to their siblings, friends, and parents.

If you’re surprised to see Bananas displayed in a toy store, you haven’t met any of the friends inside. Bananas is a collection of scented, colorful bananas with adorable characters hiding inside. Each banana can be peeled open to display a cute figurine, gemstone stickers, and a hanging vine. The characters can hold on to the vine and be hung anywhere in your home. You can also put them back into the banana to take them to a friend’s house. The entire collection includes 96 different characters, some of which are ultra-rare and limited.

At License 2 Play, we’re proud to present you with the newest and most popular toys. This list can help you get started when you’re ready to order new products for your store. Each of these toys has been immensely popular. The toys we presented here are low-tech, with MojiMotos the only ones needing batteries to function.