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5 Top Toy Window Displays for the 2020 Holidays

Nov 12, 2020

Your store window display case could be the key to boosting your sales on toys and games this holiday season! It's that time of year when shoppers around the globe wander from store-to-store looking for great gifting ideas and stocking stuffers. Help your store stand out from the rest with one of these 5 attention-grabbing suggestions showcasing 2020 themes to entice shoppers walking by to come inside!

  1. Santa's Unmarked Delivery Van
    Nothing says 2020 quite like an unmarked delivery car or van dropping off packages. Paint, build, or order a front door with lawn background for half of the window backing and a neighborhood street for the other half. Stocking stuffers like Peppa Pig plushies and Harry Potter Magical Capsules could be falling out of a pile of busted boxes on the front porch. Santa could be using a selfie stick to take a picture of himself placing the package on the doorstep while wearing a face mask and gloves as confirmation it was safely delivered. An elf also wearing a face mask and gloves could be using the end of a broom to ring the doorbell. On the street in front of the house, Boom City Racers could be parked.

  2. Santa's Workshop in 2020
    This could be an open set that you see from inside the store or outside. The socially distanced elves are wearing face masks and gloves while they construct, paint, and wrap toys. You could even put down an "X" where each elf is to stand or sit as they wait to load Santa's sack of toys. 

    A handwashing station would be placed in the back corner with a cute sign that shows pictures of elves doing the different handwashing steps. On elf could have red cheeks as a motherly elf points to the sink and "liquid soap" spills onto the floor using Elmer's glue. A couple of elves could be having fun playing with antibacterial slime and another elf could be touching toilet paper to his cheek indicating this family is getting the good stuff after months of waiting! Place iFly face masks and other iFly hygiene items throughout for a finished look.

  3. Bluey's Nutcracker
    Sugar Plum Fairy or the Nutcracker himself shows Bluey and her family around a scene from "The Nutcracker" in this window display. You can go crazy with sugary decorations for color pops across a snow-covered forest background. Another idea is to have Bluey's dad drive their family car through different Nutcracker scenes where the display background changes every week. You could make a video of Bluey searching through each "land" for the perfect gift for her sister before finding it at your store online. 

  4. A Gamer's Snow Globe
    Use decorative window film or adhesive vinyl shelf lining around the edges of your window to create an orb effect. You can use small bits of it for "falling snow" in the middle or simply use a clear glue with bean bag refill balls. Next, add the fake snowy cotton/polymer floor and create "snowballs" by slowly adding shaving cream to 1 pound of baking soda. Voilà! You have quickly created a snow globe in your window display. Best of all, this could be a wintery scene to last until spring!

    Inside your window globe, it's a holiday adventure gamer style! Line up your Fortnite, Roblox, and Pokémon playsets and figurines for the ultimate showdown or a time-out to work together in harmony as gifts are delivered by a Fortnite Battle Plane and gliding Fortnite characters who bring gifts to doorsteps. Pokémon creatures could help Roblox characters wrap gifts back at the warehouse or toy store. Plus, as a way to keep the crowds coming back, you can encourage window shoppers to write what they would like to see the characters do and pick one of the suggestions for each week's staging concept!

  5. Virtual Santa & Friends
    Set up the Studio Creator video kit in the window with a nice Santa's chair and painted fireplace background. Then, ask employees to dress up like Santa or elves and take turns demonstrating your products on Facebook Live or post the video on YouTube or Instagram Stories. The uses for these clips are endless! You could even play the videos throughout the store and upload them to your website. This is a great way to test the waters and see which products are getting the most engagement and views.

    To begin, try a "How To" with one of License 2 Play's DIY kits like So Bomb or So Sand. Kids will appreciate the easy instructions and super fun products! Parents will love that everything needed is included and there is very little cleanup. Also, engage the community by asking kids to make toy demo requests using a "Nice" list or online comments. Just be sure to check with your legal counsel for advice on names and faces that may be read or shown in the video first. 

As you can see from the above examples, there are loads of ways to commemorate this year and attract more visitors to your store with your window display. The main thing is to take advantage of this helpful marketing asset and generate more sales in the process. Looking for the hottest selling toys and games to add to your display? That's the best part! All you have to do is shop on our website for trending items your customers will love!