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7 Types of Toys That Every Retailer Should Keep in Stock

May 22, 2021

Your toy store stands out with unique layouts, sales, and products. But, there are 7 types of toys every retailer should be stocking in their inventory regardless of how they’re displayed to attract a larger customer base. Explore these categories and examples for each that can boost your sales and build customer loyalty.

1. Dolls
With the earliest dolls dating back to ancient civilizations, it is clear this type of toy has always been high in demand! Today’s dolls can be soft for nighttime snuggles, realistic for social skills-building exercises and role-play fun like Cry Babies Magic Tears, or inspired by media to provide young children with a friend they can take anywhere based on a beloved character that gives them comfort. Some of our top-selling media character dolls include Blippi that says 15 sounds and phrases, Love Diana with interchangeable outfits and accessories and CoComelon that makes familiar sounds and phrases as well as plays songs from the show. 

2. Collectible Figurines
Action fans or kids looking for ways to re-enact their favorite tv or online shows, video games, and movies in their homes or on trips will be searching for poseable figurines. These character-based toys are generally between 2-inches and 14-inches in height. While some are poseable with articulated legs and arms, others are motionless yet crafted in great detail and ready to be displayed or tossed into a backpack for more adventures on the road. Many come with accessories like our Space Jam, Fortnite, and Roblox series, which offers more creative plot twists and adds to the excitement. Mego also makes notable nostalgic figurines that can help bridge generations together in play.

3. Stuffed Animals or Plushies
Is there anything more adorable and soothing than a stuffed animal or plushy to squeeze? Sometimes, stressful situations and happy moments alike call for a huggable friend that will always be waiting to cuddle. These toys can come in a wide range of sizes, colors, textures, and scents. Examples of a few of our most popular stuffies are Squeezamals that are stuffed with special foam and offer a deliciously delightful scent, Wold’s Softest Plush that are made softer for restful nighttime slumber, MushMeez containing moldable and nothing short of magical clay, and Shimeez with sequin tummies that can flip for sensory play anywhere.

4. ASMR & Sensory Toys
Speaking of sensory play, fidget busters and autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) products are a fairly recent yet increasingly sought-after category of toys. The ASMR toys are created to induce a pleasant tingle along the spine and neck where the fidget toys are designed to engage the individual in an activity that can capture and maintain his or her focus. Certain sounds, visuals, or textures can produce this feeling. For instance, our wholesale Craze Sensations feature products that squish with a crunchy sound, stretch, or ooze. Our wholesale Heroes of Goo Jit Zu series of action figures are also at the top of everyone’s list for toys that crackle, mush, pull, and twist. An item that can be entertaining to the whole family and can be shared in a game with friends is our series of wholesale pop toys.

5. DIY Activity Kits
Then again, making these products is half the fun! Be sure your customers will have the option to create their own squishy textured crafts that have all the bright colors, satisfying sounds, and lovely fragrances of the activity toys that reduce stress and fidgeting while increasing family bonding during play. Our wholesale So Sand, So Slime, and So Bomb are excellent parent-supported options for this section because everything needed is already included and, best of all, there is no big mess left behind to clean up! 

6. Animated Toys
Kids today often expect more interaction from their toys. They want sounds, lights, and action! To make sure your retail store inventory is on pace with the current trends, we recommend a display for animated toys. This can be anything from toys that walk and sing like Little Live Pets to those such as Nanables where you can scan a code to build new adventures online. 

7. Outdoor Toys
While on the topic of adventure, outdoor toys will always be a hit for families, especially during the warmer weather days. Why? These items keep kids moving for exercise, bring families and friends closer as people of all ages join in, and prevent parents working at home from being overly distracted. For these reasons and more, outdoor toys like wholesale D-Dart or Pogo Bal products made our must-have list for all toy retailers.

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