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New Product Releases from Jakks – Mr. Dusty, Rainbow Swirl Maker, and Egg Surprise Maker

Sep 01, 2017


Jakks has been developing toys for boys and girls since 1995. Their innovative products promise hours of fun for kids of all ages. On September 15, their newest products Mr. Dusty, the Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker, and the Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker will become available for purchase and resale.

Mr. Dusty Is Ready for Garbage Pickup

Parents may never understand the appeal of garbage trucks. But if you ask any young child under 5, their eyes will light up when they talk about garbage trucks. Your child may even watch the garbage pickup from your window every week, because there’s something really fascinating about a giant truck dumping garbage.

Now they can play with a garbage truck all week long. Mr. Dusty is one of the newest toys from Jakks. This truck really works. Your kids can use it to pick up small toys, like building blocks and toy cars. The truck sweeps them up and “eats” them. And later, when Mr. Dusty arrives at the garbage disposal site or the toy bin, it dumps them out again.

This truck works on carpet and hard wood floors. It has lights and sounds and more than 50 phrases. If your children have been reluctant to clean up their toys until now, that will be a thing of the past. After all, who wouldn’t want to clean if they had a cool helper like Mr. Dusty?

It’s Time for Dessert with the Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker

Everyone loves dessert. What’s even better than eating dessert is making your own dessert and then sharing it with your friends. The Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker allows your child to create the perfect rainbow swirl dessert every time. This treat maker comes in the shape of a magic unicorn, and it keeps your dessert chilled.

Cooking and baking are useful skills to learn for your kids. Besides learning that food doesn’t just magically show up on the table, it teaches them to use math to measure for their recipes. And when it involves swirls, desserts, and sprinkles, not even adults can say no, as long as your children will share their cooking skills with you.

Make a Special Treat with the Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker

Chocolate surprise eggs are delicious treats that are normally only found in European specialty stores. But now your child can make their very own chocolate surprise egg with the Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker. This is fun for the whole family, and you can use your favorite type of chocolate to create this treat. This is a great product for children, ages 5 to 10. It makes for a great treat to share at parties, but it can also be used on a rainy day at home.

What Do the Egg Surprise Maker, the Rainbow Swirl Maker, and Mr. Dusty Have in Common?

At first sight, these three toys don’t seem to have much in common. While the Rainbow Swirl Maker and the Egg Surprise Maker are geared towards the same age group of kids and allow them to create delicious foods, Mr. Dusty seems to fall out of the pattern. What Mr. Dusty has in common with the other two is the fact that it encourages kids to emulate adult behavior.

Kids love pretending to be grown-ups. That’s why they play dress up games, take up pretend professions, and enjoy helping you with your chores. If your child can take care of the garbage pickup in your home with Mr. Dusty, then they are making a real contribution to your household. The same is true for kids who create delicious desserts and chocolate eggs. Everyone enjoys the treat, and the child gets all the credit for making it themselves.

How to Sell the New Jakks Products in Your Store

At License 2 Play, we’re proud of our innovative and unique product selection. Jakks products inspire confidence, because kids love them. After all, have you ever met a young child who didn’t enjoy creating and eating desserts?

To sell these products in your store, it’s a good idea to place them strategically. Mr. Dusty will be found easily when you put it with other cars and blocks geared toward that same age group. The dessert and chocolate egg makers can go with arts and crafts, cook books, or even in a section with other products that inspire grown-up behavior. You could even have themes in your store or a theme-inspired store event, such as how to become a chef.