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Consumers Love Our New Selfie Creator Kit!

Mar 25, 2021

Our new Selfie Creator kit is selling fast at retail stores everywhere, and here's why consumers love it! From professional lighting to taking creativity to a new level, we'll show you six reasons this kit appeals to people of all ages. Are you ready to see what makes this product so versatile? Let's begin!

It Clips Over Any Device!
You already know about the awesome success of the Studio Creator video maker kit! So, what's the difference? The first thing you will notice about the Selfie Creator kit is it clips over the top of virtually any electronic device from cell phones and tablets to laptops and desktop monitors! This frees users up to move from one location to the next, walk and chat, or create an impromptu post-on-the-go. The uses are limitless!

Create Amazing Selfies or Videos Anywhere!
Speaking of on-the-go, this kit is small enough to fit into a back pocket, purse, or backpack with ease! This is great news because selfies and videos can now become works of art while at home, at a friend's house, on a family road trip, or while simply running errands. Individuals can truly reveal their favorite hidden talents to the world with the right lighting and breezy portability effortlessly.

Add Professional Lighting!
With all the amazing candid videos and posts online, can you imagine what could be created with the right lighting? The Selfie Creator kit offers three levels of brightness levels that can move with the star of the show on a bicycle, light up the night at a slumber party group pic, or offer some warmth to a home video. There is no more need to be concerned over whether or not the light is bright enough to for a close-up or retro-casual for a family keepsake photo. Stop struggling to drag in extra lighting from other rooms or trying to decide between lampshades on or off. By applying the different levels of light over a cell phone or laptop, anyone can turn a selfie or video taken under dim indoor lighting into a work of art they can be proud to share!

Who Needs a Green Screen?
This DIY kit proves a green screen is not the only way to create the perfect background. While the Studio Creator kit comes with everything one needs for professional video production without the expense of a production crew, the Selfie Creator kit offers the ability to head outdoors and let mother nature decide the background of choice while the lighting is decided by you. Both are excellent options, depending on the consumer and can produce inspiring masterpieces at home or out-and-about! 

Posting Online is More Fun Than Ever!
Also included with either product is a chance for your customers to post on social media channels like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more with just a quick snap and click! That's all it takes to make shareable magic happen and bring smiles to friends and family nearby or residing far away. It's the perfect way to keep families close, reconnect with childhood friends, or grow a following with engaging posts that look like they were taken in an expensive studio!

Get High-Quality Effects Without Breaking the Budget
In the past, lighting like this would cost a small fortune. But, with the products like the Studio Creator and Selfie Creator kits, such lighting effects are affordable options for any budget and make excellent gift options for anyone who enjoys being in the limelight, friends who want to take a memorable group pic, or new moms looking to capture all of baby's firsts. Plus, if your shoppers are looking for a little dramatic effect for a video, gift idea, or glow-in-the-dark party, they can also purchase the Let's Glow Studio kit and the Let's Glow Studio glow-in-the-dark accessories for even more ways to impress their adoring fans!

How to Create a Studio in Your Store
By this point, you are probably trying to envision where you can make room in your store to promote these hot-selling items. We suggest placing them near cell phone and Bluetooth item accessories or place them together on an endcap. You can also find videos online to showcase your series and draw more attention to your latest additions to your inventory. So, what are you waiting for? Register to stock up on your Selfie Creator kits or another product from this popular series today at License 2 Play!