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Increase Online Sales with these Proven Strategies

Sep 29, 2020

Looking for effective marketing strategies to generate more online sales leads? The Internet is buzzing with countless suggestions, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Apply these five tips to begin growing your reach today!

SEO-Ready Site
The first thing every business today needs to attract attention from more online consumers is a website that search engines can easily crawl and verify. When consumers are searching for products you sell, it is critical for your site link is found near the top of the first page in order to boost your number of site visitors. In other words, search engine optimization (SEO) is the main goal! From the back-end to the engaging content and a clear call-to-action (CTA), everything about your site should be centered around improving your listing position on the organic search returns.

Mobile-Friendly Site
Another critical feature on your website should be that it looks great on all screen sizes. With 80% of Google users searching for products, services, and information on their cell phones, a website in today’s eCommerce world will need to offer intuitive navigation and stunning imagery for small and large screens alike to maintain the attention of browsing users once your website is found on the search return list. One way to tell how your shoppers see your products is to search your site on different devices to test for responsive design.

Blog Articles That Add Interest?
Once your website is up and running, give search engines and consumers more reasons to visit by including popular related keywords on your web pages and in your blog articles. The good news is you do not have to be a professional writer to create an informative blog article. How-to videos, product highlights, and answers to questions about your products, company, or industry are excellent ways to tell search engines your website has value for their users while encouraging visitors to stay on your website longer.

Frequent Social Media Posts
Now, let everyone know about your amazing website the products you sell by promoting your items across multiple social media channels. Post frequently at lunchtime, early morning, and at other times when people are most likely to be off work and checking their news feeds. Since videos are the new content king on web pages, blogs, and social media platforms, upload several product videos or silly just-because clips that can engage your audience and expand your viewership. For example, a video of a family creating slime together as a distance learning activity would offer a fun suggestion people with young children may want to learn more about while looking for ways to keep kids busy and learning during COVID-19.

The Truth About PPC Ads
Have you been wondering about pay-per-click (PPC) ads? Are they worth the extra expense? PPC search ads place your website at the top of the search return above organic listings. This means consumers searching for your products and services will see your website URL before competing links as long as the ad includes the correct parameters. ??On the social media channels, the PPC ads will share your products to those who have been searching for related items on search engines. Although the social media audience is not necessarily looking to purchase the items you sell, a properly placed ad can introduce your store name and products to those who may curious and visit your website by clicking on the ad. Once on your website, shoppers have an opportunity to complete a purchase or remember your site later when ready to buy.

Consistency is the Key
With all of the above strategies, remaining consistent with updates to the website, blog, and social media posts is a major part of generating more business online. However, it also pays to complete all business contact information across all business listing sites on the Internet. This includes Google My Business, Bing, social media channels, and many more. You can run a free search for your business online to check for accuracies and completed profiles using the same business name spelling, address, phone number, and description.

Thus, if you are looking for ways to generate sales online, these strategies can help! Plus, outsourcing such website and marketing efforts can be an affordable way to stay focused on your core business. When you are ready to stock your inventory with the hottest-selling toys, games, and novelty items of the year, register with us at License 2 Play. We carry top products that your online visitors will LOVE! Browse our large selection and see why License 2 Play is everyone's favorite play industry wholesaler!