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Learn How Google My Business Helps Retailers Increase Sales

May 01, 2021

Google My Business is a free marketing tool every retailer should be using to attract clients online and boost sales. Why? Check out these 10 ways you can grow your business through Google My Business without paying a penny!

1. Rank on Google Maps for Local Searches
One of the reasons Google is so popular as a search engine is its ability to showcase local businesses for those searching for nearby businesses. By completing your Google My Business profile, your store could be among those Google ranks in the Google Map.

2. Increase Your Chances of Being Listed in Google’s Coveted Local 3-Pack
Speaking of Google Maps, every local competitor wants to be in the top three retailers showcased for search users looking for the products you sell. Of course, Google has complete say over who makes it to the top. But, using the Google My Business service can give your shop a big advantage over those without a verified and completed profile.

3. Show Google Your Business is Legit! 
Something else Google and other search engines value is trust. Just because you have a website doesn’t mean you are a real retailer. Once you verify your business listing, Google knows you are in fact a legitimate business and offer products their customers are searching for nearby.  

4. Enjoy Better Organic Rankings
More trust leads to higher organic rankings as Google begins to discover your shop is exactly what their users are hoping to find! Higher rankings then lead to more clicks on your website links. Once on your site, customers can learn about your products and how your business stands apart from competitors.

5. List Your Products for Purchase
On that note, did you know Google My Business has an option to post your products? You can even link each listing to your website. From there, customers can be directed to their carts where the item is waiting for purchase on your website!

6. Collect and Proudly Display Rave Reviews!
After making a purchase, you can use a variety of methods to encourage Google reviews when you have a completed profile. For example, you can print a QR code on receipts or a thank you note. Also, you can send a link in a thank you text or email. The more positive reviews you have, the easier it will be to attract customers to your retail location or online store.

7. More Site Traffic Means More Sales!
Since the goal of digital marketing is to introduce your store to more potential customers and the large majority of those buyers will use Google for all their searches, an active Google My Business account is a must! The more Google ranks your site high in the local 3-pack or organic searches, the better your chance of making a sale as your website and store information becomes more visible online.

8. Get to Know Your Audience 
Then again, there are other key features you’ll love about Google My Business beyond the rankings. For instance, learning how your customers search for your products or business can be helpful in developing an effective marketing strategy. Gain access to useful insights like this without having to spend money on expensive reporting tools.

9. Connect With Your Customers
Need a real-time method for replying to customer questions? Interact with your customers through Google My Business for immediate responses. Faster service means better satisfaction in your retail business that could then translate into more return visits and sales.

10. Promote Your Products or Store News
While your customers are visiting your profile and reading your reviews, Google My Business offers yet one more chance to invite them to click on your website links by making posts. You can make announcements like changes to your COVID-19 policies or the addition of a new employee, share your blog article posts, or highlight a product of the week! 

Ready to Make More Sales?
Simply fill out your Google My Business profile to get started enjoying these benefits and so much more for free! Then, browse our extensive selection of toys, games, and novelty items at License 2 Play to stock up on this year’s industry favorites your shoppers are looking to buy online and off. Not registered? No problem! Simply fill out our registration form online and send us your Sale Tax Resale Certificate. Yep, it’s that easy. We can’t wait to meet you, and we look forward to seeing how our products can help your business thrive!