Largest Selection Of Wholesale Licensed Toys

Where to Get Licensed Toys for Your Retail Store

Aug 12, 2018


Toys are never going out of style even though particular types may fall out of favor. Adding toys to your retail store collection is a great way to increase revenue as people buy toys for their children throughout the year. The key to success is making sure you stock the toys that are currently trending, including licensed merchandise. This article offers some valuable advice on finding the best wholesale toys for your store.

Wholesale Toys

There are many different paths to selling toys. Some people start small businesses selling gently used toys on the Internet or in person. They often acquire them for rock-bottom prices at a local flea market or at garage sales. However, if you open up a shop to sell new toys, the only way to make a profit is to purchase them at wholesale prices. This allows you to get the product you need for the lowest possible price while keeping the manufacturer warranty intact for the end consumer.

The Wholesale Process

If you purchased toys from other retail stores to sell them at your store, you’d be paying sales tax twice. First when you buy the toy and then again after you sell it to the customer. To make a profit, you must source your toys from a wholesaler in bulk. Here is how this works:

  • The manufacturer sells their toys in huge quantities to the wholesaler at a significant discount.
  • The wholesaler sells the toys to the retail store at a discount. The more you buy the larger discount you can expect.
  • The customer purchases their toys from the retail store at full or slightly reduced price.

Purchasing the toys wholesale allows you to get your products at a significant discount. If you can move the product quickly in your store, you can get an even bigger discount by buying quantities in bulk. It’s important to be selective when choosing your wholesaler. You want the ordering process to be easy and the selection to be large enough to fully stock your store.

Volume Counts

When it comes to spending time with your family, quality trumps quantity. However, when you’re buying wholesale toys, the best thing you can do for your store’s financial success is to increase the volume when you order. The less you pay for each individual item, the higher profit your profit margin is. To prevent getting stuck with inventory you can’t sell, it’s important to stock the toys that are currently trending. You may also want to consider selling collectibles and toy sets to increase your sales per customer. The best wholesalers also constantly get new merchandise to keep your customers coming back for more.

Licensed Wholesale Toys

Even if you haven’t been a child for a while, you probably understand that licensed toys have an appeal that other toys do not share. There’s a reason why parents everywhere are wheedled into paying more for the Shopkins Lip Balm over the no-name version. It’s in your best interest as a retailer to present your customers with the options they easily recognize and can be persuaded to purchase.

You Need a Large Selection

At License 2 Play, we have made it our mission to stock an incredible selection of wholesale toys. In addition to the newest Shopkins, you can find Emoji, My Little Pony, and the Fingerlings. We also have a large selection of classic toys, including the Magic 8 Ball and a miniature Rubix cube. Finally, we have some unusual toys, such as Oonies and Slime.

To help you stay abreast of the latest toy craze, we feature new products on our blog regularly. For example, when Fingerlings released their Untamed Collection, we showed you the dinosaur friends and foes and explained how they work. We also offer tips on moving the merchandise off your shelves, finding the right toys for your customers, and turning your toy selection into a profitable part of your retail business.

How to Order from License 2 Play

To start ordering from License 2 Play, you simply need to register your business on our website. Once you have an account, you can browse the extensive selection of toys on our website. You can sort by manufacturer or character to find the type of toy you’re looking for. When you click on a product, you’ll also see suggested toys below that may also meet your search criteria.