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Santa's Favorite Stocking Stuffers for Your Holiday Display

Nov 09, 2020

You better not pout, Santa Claus is coming to town and he is bringing License 2 Play’s best wholesale stocking stuffers! Help spread the magic of the holidays. Stock the items that kids and families want this season with toys like these!

Boom City Racers?
A little friendly competition couple with fast cars has always been a racing fan hit! Now, these perfectly sized stocking stuffers add a new twist to the racing family of toys. Our Boom City Racers have speed, agility, and the explosively entertaining ability to fall apart and be put back together after a collision! 

Wacky Packages Minis
Family time is hilarious with these crazy 3D classic product spoofs. Each Wacky Package Mini includes five mini products and a sticker that will make the kids laugh with titles like “Crypts Ahoy” and “Captain Crud”. With 60 to collect, parents can buy for each day of the holiday season!

Harry Potter Magical Bronze Capsule Collectibles
Scenes from the beloved books and movie series come alive when children open these tiny magical boxes of mystical surprises. Each Harry Potter figurine is hidden in a capsule with an accessory, pet or beast, spell, and more! But, opening the capsule will require some wizarding wit to solve the clues and guess who is inside. Will it be Hermione, Ron, or Professor Snape? Only the top wizards will be able to find out!

Scruff A Luvs Mermaid Babies??
Speaking of surprising characters, the Scruff A Luvs Mermaid Babies could be one of 21 cuddly pets to collect. A water reveal party is the key to finding out which pet was rescued! Then, consumers can keep the fun going by purchasing more of the collection in hopes of finding a rare unicorn, fawn, or dolphin. Which will be first?

Cry Babies Magic Tears 
For the young nurturers, Cry Babies Magic Tears adds a level of reality to the role-playing experience. Each baby has six accessories inside the bottle house with them including a bottle that can feed them real water! After giving them a bottle, consumers can press on their bellies to watch them cry real tears for comfort. Rare golden accessories and pet versions will encourage your shoppers to continue the search to collect them all!

Pokémon Balls
Always a hit, these adorable stocking stuffers will battle their way into the hearts of Pokémon trainers, game players, and media viewers everywhere. These fiery monsters are cuter than ever and they come ready to train in their ball cases. Display them next to the Clip-N-Go Belts for epic on-the-go battles and stories to remember!

Video Game Figurines
Of course, Pokemon is not the only popular battle game. Both Fortnite and Roblox are known for combining imaginative building, survival strategies, and creative characters that draw the crowds and entice players to spend more money on the latest items available for purchase. With our character replicas, the creativity and excitement never have to end even while offline!

Antibacterial Slime
With all that play time fun, it’s time to clean the germs off of hands. But, that does not have to mean stopping the giggles with this Antibacterial Slime. Ooey and gooey have never been this satisfying with slime that now has a dual purpose parents will love!

Alien Hunter Treasure X
The slime adventures can live on with our Alien Hunter Treasure Eggs that hold dripping alien ooze inside with a mini alien and a real gem treasure! Then, Santa's helpers can find more ways to keep the explorers searching with a series of Treasure X products. Choose from Treasure X Alien Hunter, Treasure X Dragon, Treasure X Mystical Beasts, and Treasure X Single Packs. With so many options, you are sure to attract all the treasure hunters to your store!

So Slime Single Packets
Are your shoppers in the mood to create the slime themselves? If so, we have the best no mess DIY slime kits around! No more going to the store for extra ingredients. Everything is included and colorful patterns can be crafted in only five short minutes with no spills for Mom to clean up thanks to the shaker and magic mixture. Indoor or outdoor, this is what goopy slime should be! 

Therefore, offer the stocking gifts that will add the wow factor this holiday season! They are the perfect size for home and road trip entertainment, but it will soon be too late to order your supply in time. Register to order the hottest toys on the market today at License 2 Play!