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Ready, Set... Collect Them All: Shopkins Season 10 Is Available

Jun 15, 2018

The Shopkins have been a huge success in the toy world. These cute little characters are currently in their 10th season after five years of phenomenal retail success. With this current collection, you can expect to meet many different adorable characters, including some of your favorite miniature groceries from the first three seasons. Moose Toys has decided to go back to the roots and revive the grocery shopping experience in true Shopkins style.

What to Expect from Season 10
In this season, Shopkins is celebrating by going back to the roots. In the beginning, Shopkins was all about recreating the grocery experience in miniature format. From there, Shopkins explored the world and drove tiny cars. Each season also had a number of different playsets to encourage kids to use their imagination with these adorable toys.

Season 10 is bringing back the grocery fun. The mini packs include small versions of items you can find in your regular grocery store, including milk cartons and detergent bottles. This allows kids to recreate the shopping experience and create their very own miniature supermarket. Whether you need some fruit or a loaf of bread, you’ll find it in the Shopkins aisles.

Reusable Mini Packaging
Season 10 includes various sets with collectible grocery packaging. Not only will you have an apple, but you can also get an apple juice carton. Kids will be excited to find a milk container and a can of corn, in which the little Shopkins can hide. The packaging is all part of the fun. All of it is reusable and collectible. This season includes more than 80 different items for grocery packaging. Now it’s time to stock the shelves and go shopping.

Your Favorite Shoppies Returning
Since it has been five years since Shopkins first hit the stores, many young fans haven’t seen the original Shopkins collection. That’s one of the reasons why Moose Toys has decided to release limited editions of your favorite characters from Season 1, 2, and 3. Each of these characters comes with a commemorative collector medallion. The medallion ensures that these items are special even if you already own the original Shopkin.

Go Shopping with Your Shopkins
If there’s one thing that children like it’s doing all the things that adults normally do. Pretend grocery shopping is something children enjoy for hours on end. With Shopkins, they can have a huge collection of grocery items without taking up a lot of space. The miniature versions of the real things are adorable, especially because each of the characters is brought to life with a unique name and personality.

Meet the New Shopkins
Season 10 includes 128 brand-new Shopkins to play with, all of which can be found in your grocery store. Every Shopkin has its own story, and each Shopkin pack gives you a list of Shopkins to collect. Meet a few of them right here:

  • Boo-Hoo Onion can get rather emotional sometimes, but often the tears are happy tears.
  • Lana Banana Bread combines a delicious fruity taste with filling bread. It’s no wonder she’s always cheerful.
  • Silly Chilli doesn’t feel warm even on the hottest summer day, but far from being cold-hearted, this Shopkin is just keeping its cool.
  • Apple Blossom is one of the favorite characters from the original seasons, which isn’t surprising because this Shopkin is caring and kind.

The Small Mart Series
The most important part of Shopkins series 10 is the Small Mart series. To return to its roots, Moose Toys recreated the original Shopkins experience by including groceries along with their packaging. Each of these items is unique and reusable as well as a place to put your Shopkin. You can find ice cream tubs, cookie bags, and pancake mix boxes at your very own Shopkin grocery store. Additionally, many of the available packs also include a mystery Shopkin hidden inside. There are over 140 different Mini Packs and Shopkins to collect.

Order Wholesale Shopkins Series 10
You can order the newest of the Shopkins directly from License 2 Play online. We stock the Small Mart series along with the Shopkins Series 10 counter display and have them ready to ship. Shopkins encourage impulse buys at the cash register due to their size, affordable pricing, and cuteness factor. The best part about the Shopkins series is that the items are collectible, which keeps your customers coming back for more.