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Spend More Time with Your Family with DIY Activity Kits

Apr 15, 2021

One positive note to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic for many families has been a chance to spend more time together. An inexpensive way to turn that time into quality bonding is to incorporate DIY activity kits. No reservations necessary! These activities deliver a day of wonder without the price tag of leaving home.

Making it Easier to Bring People Together
When you think about ways to bond with your family, there are some activities that may come to mind. Traveling, exploring your natural surroundings, playing games, cooking, and watching a movie offer a way to capture and maintain everyone’s attention while building memorable moments together. However, there are some potential drawbacks to each. Traveling can be difficult during a pandemic, not to mention expensive. Exploring nature relies upon the weather and may require allergy medications for some. Depending on the game or recipe, playing games and cooking could have certain age, knowledge, and ability limitations. Lastly, watching a movie means more screen time, which many parents are trying to limit.

DIY activity kits provide an alternative way to hold the interest of an entire family or group of friends without breaking the family budget, relying on the weather, or increasing screen time. With these products, family bonding time is as simple as opening a box. Plus, all who are over the age of six can participate with most activity kit options. The result? A quality activity anyone over six years of age can enjoy again and again!

Inexpensive Play Without Screens!
If too much screen time has become an issue, there has never been a more affordable way to come up with great activities that will keep everyone happy for hours! Power down and go off grid for a while as the family works together to build communication skills and create memories. Everything needed for this adventure comes in a portable box that can be used anywhere from the backyard or kitchen to the park or a friend’s house for a crowd-pleaser entertainment idea.

Making Science Classes a Blast!
Say hello to your favorite science and art lesson of the week with a DIY activity kit. Discovering something new and creative that is based on scientific rules and laws is both exciting and easy to do for the whole family! From tie-dying t-shirts to making fizzy soap bombs for the tub, a DIY activity set is the key to a successful science lesson without the messy clean-up or confusing instructions. This is because all the prep work is done for you and the tools needed are included in your kit. Turn discovery time into serious fun with DIY activity kits!

Multigenerational Entertainment!
It can be tricky to think of things to do with grandparents at times. DIY activity kits are the perfect solution to entertaining extended family as they can be completed at a table or countertop and do not require heavy lifting, balancing on uneven surfaces, or physical exertion. These kits afford a safe activity that can be enjoyed by all participants and provide the bonus of a take-home gift. That’s right. No gift shop, long lines, or additional supplies needed! Everything for this scrapbook-worthy moment is included in the box.

Promoting Sibling Bonding
Make arguments over activities a thing of the past. Perhaps one of the best benefits of a DIY activity kit is the way it helps siblings learn to work together towards a common goal while also allowing enough independence to take a unique approach. For example, one child may like glitter and a blend of colors in slime while another prefers a solid color without extra bling. With DIY activity kits, kids are able to accomplish the goal of creating the slime together without having to disagree over who gets to pick the color or accessories as each can add his or her own creative twist. 

Which DIY Activity Kits are Trending?
At License 2 Play, we have a passion for bringing the top-trending wholesale toys, games, and novelty items to retailers around the world. Some of our hottest-selling DIY activity kits include Swirl & Style tie-dye studio, Style 4 Ever kits, Art Lab studio, and our So Bomb, So Slime, and So Sand kits. Browse our inventory of DIY activity kits today to see which items to stock in your store and register with us online to begin placing your order. Family bonding time is the definition of fun with DIY activity kits from License 2 Play!