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Stock Up on these Top 8 Trending Toys for 2019

Nov 22, 2019

We have just made holiday inventory planning easy for retailers with our top 8 trending toys for 2019. But, don't just take our word for it. Many of these items were also featured in Good Housekeeping's "Best Toys and Gifts" and "Hottest Toys of 2019" lists. From animated toys to action figures, stock up on these best-sellers of the year!

Fortnite Figurines
You would literally have to be living under a rock to not have heard about Fortnite. This video game has taken over the gaming industry for anyone in the soon-to-be-tweens to the young teen range. Fans know all the dance moves, can tell you the names of all the characters and are familiar with the many skins, weapons, and back bling options available for purchase. With these Fortnite character replicas and displays, the dance party and adventure can continue when it's time to unplug. 

Treasure X Alien Hunters
Another big hit this year with kids ages 5 and up is Treasure X Alien Hunters. Sorry Mom, the messier and grosser the better this year! This alien dissecting kit ticks all the trending boxes with an emphasis on the ooze producing loads of gooey excitement as children carefully look for which treasure and weapon are hidden inside all that slime. 

K'NEX Building Sets
Going beyond the blocks, K'NEX takes the vintage Tinker Toys to a new creative level with a variety of innovative building sets. Buy Kid K'NEX sets like the Budding Builders, Safari Friends, or Wings and Wheels for your younger age range section of the store. Older children will be able to get more in-depth with their engineering skills as they design roller coasters, motorcycles, cars, and much more! 

Pikmi Pops Bubble Drops
These cute little stress ball animals are both adorable plush toys and super talented as they blow an amazing giant glittery bubble! Each neon-colored Bubble Drop character comes with its own container, a collector's guide, and a joke to make kids laugh. Plus, this toy makes a great addition to your sensory play display. Best of all, there are 24 characters for kids to collect, which means you may be seeing the same customers for lots of repeat purchases! 

All the way from Hatchitopia, we keep a large volume of Hatchimal items as they have been maintaining their popularity since they first exploded on the market back in 2016. Of course, it probably helps to have your very own cartoon and app for fans to download. You can find wholesale clip-on Hatchimals Glittering Garden characters that kids can take anywhere they go, Hatchimals Light Up Candy Spinner, and Hatchimals Pop Ups refillable lollipops in our catalog that would all be perfect for your stocking stuffer holiday display!  

Speaking of not losing steam, Fingerlings are staying put at the top of our request list again this year. They too have a cartoon and app, and have recently announced they have enter the texting arena with Fingermoji's! Don't miss a chance to stock up this season on our poseable plush toy Fingerlings with sound, poseable plush clip-on Fingerlings that can be apart of the journey wherever kids go, and yummy Fingerlings Pop Ups that come with three refill lollipops!   

Looking for something more animated? What about a plush toy that wraps around kids' wrists like bracelets and has over 50 sounds and reactions? Wrapples are part of the animation trend that we expect to continue for years to come. Kids love the idea of wearing their furry chatty friends and not having to keep them in a backpack or purse. We recommend putting these on an endcap or highlighted display for this gift-buying season.  

Little Live Pets
Taking the animation concept a step further, Little Live Pets has a variety of more realistic-looking babies and pets that each have their own personality, talents, sounds, and reactions. There is even a parrot that keeps secrets and a teddy bear that enjoys being tickled. Fill your store with talking babies, secret-keeping birds, and crying puppies your customers are sure to go crazy over!

Therefore, before you place your orders for toys that make excellent stocking stuffers, Christmas surprises, and Hanukkah gifts, be sure to check out our wholesale pricing the above hot sellers. If it is related to top video games, building toys, icky messes, or animation, you are definitely moving in the right direction for inventory planning for this year and likely 2020 as well. So, enjoy the eggnog because your trending toy search is over!