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The Hottest Wholesale Tie Dye Items for 2020!

Sep 15, 2020

There are some things that never change like consumer fascination with tie-dye! Therefore, we proudly present our 2020 tie-dye collection of wholesale activities fans will LOVE! These creative items swirl a rainbow of colors in new and fun ways people of all ages can enjoy again-and-again.

Tie-Dye Popularity?
Tie-Dye was first made into a popular fashion statement in the 1960s and 1970s in the US. The swirly trend offered the wearer freedom of self-expression to break free from social norms during a time of unconventional sway in US history. However, it quickly became an inexpensive and super fun activity for children everywhere to produce their own tie-dye designs on t-shirts, headbands, and shoes.

Swirl & Style Tie-Dye Studio?
One way to craft a unique design that kids and parents alike can get excited about is to swish and twist while using our mess-free Swirl & Style Tie-Dye Studio! Consumers can create up to 12 creative projects with a blend of two sets of six vibrant colors. Rubber bands and gloves are included, along with an instruction booklet and orb station to make crafting a custom design easier than ever before and always a tie-dye fan fav! Perfect for that slumber party or club activity that will keep everyone smiling, the Swirl & Style Tie-Dye Studio will be a hit for ages six through adulthood! Talk about a fabulous conversation starter and memorable hands-on distance learning coloring experience! ?

DIY Tie-Dye So Slime Kit
Since being introduced by Mattel in 1976, slime has been a staple in both the toy industry as well as different forms of media. Originally a fluorescent green color, which was showcased in the movie Ghostbusters as well as a series of Nickelodeon tv shows, slime now comes in an array of mix-and-match colors. At License-2-Play, we are proud to announce our DIY Tie-Dye So Slime Kit and DIY Tie-Dye So Slime Blind Assortment! Our kit and blind assortment packets have it all! Goopy slime that stretches, pulls, twists, and dips plus three scented colors plus all the tools and containers needed to keep the slime from spilling over making this a safe indoor or outdoor activity. Glitter gives the slime that extra splash of magic! With the kit, your shoppers will have a blast painting the slime in stripes, folding it to get a marbled effect, or twisting it for swirly inspiring tie-dye designs. Blind assortment packets are a breeze to bring along on trips or provide as party favors guests will go crazy over!

Tie-Dye Washing Machine Kit 
But, License-2-Play did not stop with the best slime kits on the market! We added another level of entertainment to the tie-dye family with the Tie-Dye Washing Machine Kit. Now, children can watch their slime mix, spin, and whirl as it is transformed from clear into brilliantly colorful in their very own washing machine! Each kit comes with everything consumers need to make the squishiest stress-relieving slime around, including a washing machine, three bottles of scented colorant, laundry mini basket, storage container, and instructions. Let your consumers take their love for slime to new heights with role-play fun that does not leave Mom worrying about spills and stains that traditional slime recipes produce with our Tie-Dye Washing Machine Kit!

Tie-Dye Accessories
What goes well with tie-dye t-shirts and slime for parties and bedrooms? Tie-dye accessories, of course! At License-2-Play, you'll find the tiniest tie-dye Magic 8 Ball around that can be placed in a goodie bag along with the tie-dye t-shirt and tie-dye blind assortment pack for party favors or party activities. For a colorful bedroom theme, your shoppers can get a splash of swirly color and hilarious answers to the silliest of questions when the World's Smallest Magic 8 Ball is placed in the room beside a color-changing lava lamp! Help consumers a nostalgic trip back in time to marvel at the wonder of our Style 4 Ever DIY Lava Lamp Kit that lets kids add their own favorite tie-dye colors, glitter, and decorations to light their secret hideaway spots and provide a dramatic effect to their rooms.

It's back to everyone's favorite colorful DIY fashion styles from the 1960s and 1970s with our wholesale tie-dye activities and novelties! Be sure to register with License-2-Play for all the most popular toys, games, activities, and novelties. Then, place your order for these hot-selling products on our website to watch your customers return again and again to your store for all their top play industry hits!