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Get Ready for Shopkins Series 8!

Jul 07, 2017

If you haven’t heard of Shopkins, then you probably haven’t been to a retail store in the last several years. Shopkins are tiny toys made by Moose Toys that have been popular since 2014. They are about as big as the size of your thumb, many of them smaller. Children love to collect them, play with them, and trade them. And now series 8 of the Shopkins is ready to hit the stores. But kids are not the only one who love Shopkins. They’re popular with parents, too. Why does everybody love Shopkins?

They Are Inexpensive

Shopkins are very inexpensive. Instead of buying your child a cookie or another treat, you could spend the money on a toy they can enjoy for more than the five minutes it takes to eat the treat. For children who get an allowance, Shopkins are very much affordable, too. And while kids are ultimately the end consumer, it helps if they can directly influence the buying decision by using their own money. 

They Are Cute and Funny

Nobody can deny that the Shopkins are cute, unlike many of the other toys that can be purchased these days. But even if you don’t care for a tiny apple with a face on it, you might enjoy the fact that their character names are puns. For example, you can find characters like Cherie Tomato and Cheese Kate in the Shopkins collection. 

They’re Appropriate for All Ages

Admittedly, Shopkins will lose their appeal as children get older. But there’s nothing offensive about these toys, which makes them appropriate for all ages. The only kids who may not be able to play with Shopkins are babies and toddlers, and that’s just because they might end up trying to eat them. As a retailer, you don’t have to worry about displaying Shopkins prominently. While not every parent loves them, there won’t be any parents who will object to these toys on moral or religious grounds. 

It’s Always a Surprise

Buying one of the Shopkins characters is always a surprise. That’s because they come in a sealed bag, so that you don’t know which one you’re getting. This makes purchasing and giving Shopkins as a present even more fun, for the giver and the receiver. Of course, kids run the risk of getting a duplicate Shopkin this way, but that allows them to trade with their friends, who might be in the same situation. If you buy a larger set of Shopkins, then you’ll know what you’re getting, but there is at least one surprise Shopkin in there, too.

Shopkins Promote Creativity

Boys and girls can play together with Shopkins and have fun with it. These toys promote creativity in young children, because they don’t come with a script. However, it won’t take long for the kids to figure out the type of game they want to play with their Shopkins. It’s amazing how much time they can spend playing and interacting with these tiny toys.

The Shopkins already have names, but Moose Toys didn’t stop there. They even created a unique personality for each character. This information comes with each Shopkin and might instigate kids to play differently than they otherwise would have. You’ll be amazed how much information children will retain about these little Shopkins. Some may even improve their memory skills since many Shopkin fans are too young to read the character sheets themselves. 

Why Retailers Love Shopkins

Retailers love Shopkins for the same reasons their customers love them: They’re fun, they’re collectible, and they’re inexpensive. Putting up a Shopkins display won’t take up a lot of space in your store, either. That’s because these toys are incredibly tiny, but noticeable nonetheless because of their cute colors. It can be fun to watch children proudly spend their allowance on their next set of Shopkins. It’s also rewarding to watch their faces light up when their parents agree to buy them “just one little Shopkin”. 

When Is Series 8 Coming Out?

Shopkins series 8 is coming out in three different waves.

- Wave 1 is already in stock as of 6/1

- Wave 2 will be in stock 9/1

- Wave 3 will be in stock 10/1

You can already order some of the wholesale Shopkins series 8 for your store right now. This series is all about traveling the world, so you’ll meet Shopkins from different countries. Take a look at our entire wholesale Shopkins collection!