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Wholesale Toys With a Treasure Surprise Inside!

May 19, 2020

These wholesale toys will keep shoppers' family and friends guessing with their hidden treasures and surprising secrets. From monsters and rescued animals to treasures and charms, License 2 Play is your go-to shop for all the hottest selling toys! Now, with these products, staying home and running errands gets an entertaining twist that will have kids guessing till the end. 

I Dig Monsters
Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) refers to a pleasurable sensation that starts at the scalp and works down the neck and back in response to such actions as hearing certain sounds, watching specific tasks be performed with different textures, or touching specific textures. The ASMR videos have taken over the Internet and ASMR toys have become some of the hottest selling items in the industry as a result. License 2 Play has taken this concept to another level by adding a super cute color-changing monster inside the activity!

Inspired by ASMR, the I Dig Monsters are Monji monsters that come frozen in a popsicle. Their owners will have to peel, scrape, grate, or slice through the cold popsicle layers until the Monji appears. But, this Monji has yet more color-changing secrets to reveal when dunked in icy cold water! Perfect for ASMR fans and sensory learning alike. This is one toy that is wonderful for teaching kids about textures, temperatures, color-altering science, and much more! 

Treasure X
Also on the ASMR top-toy list is our Treasure X and Treasure X Alien Hunters series. With Treasure X, there are dragons, beasts, or other action figures hidden inside. Brave shoppers will work by smashing through the tomb and digging, scraping, or chipping through layers of rock to save the heroes and recover the missing treasure. Some will find a booby prize inside. Others will discover a real treasure! The hunt is on with Treasure X! 

For sci-fi fans, it's hard to beat the Treasure X Alien Hunters! The mission has been assigned, and the chosen operative must follow orders to save the alien hunter when cutting through the crystal vessel and dissecting the alien or risk being exposed to the alien gut critter and slimy ooze inside. Along with the rescue mission, a new weapon and rare space gem could be waiting to be revealed. Each Treasure X Alien Hunter set comes with a crystal vessel, alien body, rib cage, ooze, hunter character, cut critter, ooze storage container, x-tool, map, and collector's guide.

Charm Stone Bracelet Kit
If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then treasure hunters will be giddy with excitement over digging for real diamonds with the Charm Stone Bracelet Kit! Consumers must chip away at the stone using the included chisel set to find the hidden charm inside. Each charm can be attached to the included bracelet to become a beautiful piece of jewelry to be worn or exchanged with friends. All charm stone kits come with one cord bracelet, one excavating toolset, and one surprise charm. Plus, one in 1,000 charm stones will reveal an actual diamond! Will the next lucky diamond owner be someone who purchased the kit from your store? There is only one way to find out!

Scruff a Luvs
Is there anything better than hugging a newly adopted toy pet? With Scruff-a-Luvs, each rescued pet has a secret identity that is only revealed after bathing, grooming, and loveable moments! Is it a puppy, kitten, or a bunny? Only time and care will tell! Each Scruff-a-Luv arrives as a ball of matted fur. It will take a proper bath, much-needed brushing, and some serious snuggles to discover the adorable pet within all that matted down fur. Shoppers can return again and again hoping to collect all colors and animals!

Then, your consumers can have even more fun trying to collect up to 21 baby Scruff-a-Luv characters. These little guys are in need of a good home and lots of TLC! They come with a pet carrier, pacifier, comb, adoption certificate, collection guide, and a heart-shaped clip to keep them close wherever their caregivers roam. Animals range from kittens, bear cubs, and puppies to rare finds like foxes, lions, and pandas! Which ones will your store carry in stock?

As you can see from the above list of rewarding surprises found in these top-selling toys, License 2 Play has the products your shoppers will love! Stand out from other toy stores by offering items that provide multiple layers of giggles and entertainment with these products. Shop online or register with us to place your order today!