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Why the Pogo Bal is a Hot Seller in 2021

Mar 15, 2021

Remember the Pogo Bal? It's back in stores and selling better than ever before in 2021! Discover why this toy is receiving so much attention this year and where you can find wholesale Pogo Bals to stock your inventory just in time for the warmer weather months.

History of the Pogo Bal
Originally created in 1969, the pogo ball was the patented brainchild of Raphael J. Van Der Cleyen and Wilfried F. Ribbens. The rights to market and sell the product were then sold to Les Usines Fabelty, S.A. that same year. Unfortunately, Les Usines Fabelty, S.A. was insolvent by 1972 and never had the opportunity to promote the product to the general public in the United States. They did, however, seek a US patent in 1970 before going bankrupt that prevented competitors from being able to launch the item for over a decade. The patent was granted in 1973 and expired in 1985. 

Meanwhile, Hasbro had taken notice of the toy that was gaining popularity in European nations. Finally, in 1985, Hasbro had the opportunity to apply for a patent in the US. The patent was granted in May of 1986. By November, Hasbro had rebranded the product as “Pogo Bal” and was beginning to promote it to toy stores across the US as a wonderful holiday gift item. 

Why is the Pogo Bal Popular Again?
Today, the Pogo Bal is making a comeback and selling fast in stores all over the US! This may be in part due to the global pandemic that has resulted in families staying home more than usual. Additionally, a dramatic increase in online distance learning, social media, and video games has left many students in need of a screen break that they can actually look forward to taking.

What Makes It so Fun?
As a child, did you ever try to stand on an inflatable ball? The allure is the soft pliable material that makes standing on it a real challenge! The Pogo Bal allows children to have some standing room and grip options by fitting the ball with a circular board to increase control over the ball direction. With this feature, children can bounce, twist, and dance through outdoor play. They can also compete with siblings, parents, and friends to see how high they can go or how many times they can jump before they have to step off. Our high score is 24 jumps!

Health Benefits 
Since this is a fitness toy constructed to get all those wiggles out, you may imagine there are quite a lengthy list of health benefits to using a Pogo Bal that you can highlight in your displays. For example, exercise on a device such as a Pogo Bal has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, burn calories and assist with weight loss, build coordination skills, and increase muscle tone. Plus, it may lead to social skills such as how to enjoy a friendly jump battle or how to share. Moreover, since children connect with the ball with their feet, there is less risk of contracting illnesses like COVID-19 from surface contact.

Why Parents Love This Toy
With so many health-related benefits, parents are happy to purchase these trending fitness toys that come with their own pump for inflating the ball, require zero cleanups, and keep kids entertained for hours! This toy produces enough giggles to be used as a daily reward, results in the expenditure of loads of energy to be considered a great workout or Physical Education assignment for homeschoolers, and provides a quick method to re-focus children who are distance learning and need a screen break.

In fact, the Pogo Bal could also be a healthier alternative to flipping a coin for decisions. Instead of heads or tails, the one who jumps the farthest wins the debate or the one who jumps the longest gets the front seat of the car. The number of uses is endless! 

Where to Find Wholesale Pogo Bals
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