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Dec 12,2017
No Boys Allowed - 3 Essentials for a Girly Sleepover

If you had sleepovers as a child, you probably remember how much fun they were, even though they weren’t necessarily free of conflicts. To ensure that the girls are having a great time during their sleepover, it’s best to have a few essentials ready. But first of all, let’s cover the basics. Should you even let your kid participate in a sleepover?

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Nov 27,2017
Wholesale Novelty Toys That Are Fun for Everyone

Novelty items are defined as things that don’t have a practical function. However, novelty toys for children offer hours of playtime even though they may not be as practical as clothing or school supplies. Of course, children prefer novelty toys, because they promise lots of fun and excitement. At License 2 Play, we love our collection of novelty toys, and we know your customers will love them, too.

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Nov 17,2017
Celebrating Thanksgiving with Your Kids

Thanksgiving is an important holiday for many reasons, but for your kids, it may just look like a boring get-together with extended family members. Fortunately, you can do things to make Thanksgiving fun for your kids without forgetting the reason behind it. You can even take the opportunity to help your kids appreciate the good things in life.

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