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Mar 18,2017
A Recap of Toyfair 2017

Toyfair 2017 is a place where some of the world's largest toy manufacturers and retailers come together to show off new toys, games and to network with others from the industry. License 2 Play attends every year, where we meet our customers, source new toys, make connections and have a lot of fun checking out the new toys and games.

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Mar 01,2017
Blind Package Toys – The Hot Collector's Items 

From sticker and gumball machines to blind wrapped surprises at the bottom of cereal boxes, we've always loved getting toy surprises and collecting them. No matter what generation you're from, you probably remember some of the magic of collecting toys from arcades, food boxes and even surprise packaging. Blind package toys recreate this magic, with collectible toys in blind packaging (you don't know what it is), to keep collectors coming back for more.

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Feb 12,2017
Toy Fair 2017: Visit License 2 Play at Booth #2561

Toy Fair 2017 is one of the largest toy fairs in the United States (and the world) with over 415,000 square feet dedicated to toys and games. The Toy Fair Association hosts this extravaganza of toys to introduce new products, help buyers to find toys, and to connect retailers with wholesale toy distributors and manufacturers. As one of the largest toy fairs in the world,

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