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Aug 13,2017
1,001 Ways of Playing with So Slime

Slime isn’t something that adults really equate with fun, at least most adults don’t. Instead, they picture it in hard-to-remove places all over the house as a result of their kids playing with it for hours. And while no adult in their right mind would wish for slime for their birthday, there are good reasons to let your kids have a go at So Slime anyways.

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Aug 06,2017
Is It a Balloon or a Bubble? Neither. It's an Oonie!

Just when you think everything has already been done before, there is a new toy that’s not like any of the others. Oonies are neither balloons nor bubbles, but children will have the time of their lives with them. Oonies are easy to use and encourage your child’s creativity, because they can create a variety of unique characters without making a mess.

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Aug 04,2017
Product Spotlight: Why Kids Love Peppy Pups!

Which child doesn’t want a puppy? Fortunately, parents don’t have to get the real thing, because the Peppy Pups are even better. From a grown-up perspective, they are much cheaper and easier to take care of than a real dog. And while children won’t be deceived that this toy is a real dog, they’ll love it just the same.

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