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Jul 11,2019
Take Along Friends

Good friends are great to have in any size, but what child wouldn't love a pocket-sized figurine or pet to take on errands and sleepovers? Plus, parents will approve of the myriad of benefits that imaginative play, also called make-believe, adds to the child's development. For example, did you know the act of creating stories for characters enhances a child's ability to communicate, problem solve and show empathy? Join us as we explore some fabulous toys that would be perfect for creative playtime during a road trip or on-the-go fun anytime anywhere!

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Jul 01,2019
Benefits to Using Toys to Reward Good Behavior

If you are a teacher, parent, or have watched a few episodes of "Super Nanny", you may already know using rewards for good behavior has been found to be more effective than handing out punishments when guiding young children. Explore why this method of discipline is so popular in this article, along with the many benefits of utilizing toys as incentives. From learning about boundaries to crafting goals and saving strategies, toys as rewards for good behavior can do wonders!

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Jun 22,2019
Puzzle Loving Toys

Do your customers love to solve puzzles? Are the parents in your store looking for a challenging problem solving toy or thought-provoking game? If it is a higher degree of skill they seek, take a peak at our top picks for the best in puzzle show.

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