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Jun 26,2018
5 Reasons to Let Your Kids Play This Summer

All over the country, kids are looking forward to their summer break. A few weeks into the summer, you may be wondering what your kids are supposed to do for two or three months without school. Many parents encourage summer camps or other scheduled activities, but there is a lot of value to letting your kids roam freely as they please. And sometimes that means they’ll do nothing at all. Here are five very good reasons for just letting your kids play this summer.

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Jun 15,2018
Ready, Set... Collect Them All: Shopkins Season 10 Is Available

The Shopkins have been a huge success in the toy world. These cute little characters are currently in their 10th season after five years of phenomenal retail success. With this current collection, you can expect to meet many different adorable characters, including some of your favorite miniature groceries from the first three seasons. Moose Toys has decided to go back to the roots and revive the grocery shopping experience in true Shopkins style.

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Jun 07,2018
Welcome Back to The Grossery Gang: Series 5 Available Now

If you haven’t heard of the putrid characters from The Grossery Gang series, you have been missing out. Created by Moose Toys – the Australian company that also brought you Shopkins – the unique, expired grocery products from The Grossery Gang have been dominating the toy aisles since 2016. The new collection of the Series 5 includes a variety of shady characters along with some rare collectibles and special edition items.

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