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May 25,2018
Product Spotlight: Fingerlings Untamed

Given the success of the Fingerlings, which were named Toy of the Year, it’s no surprise that the manufacturer WowWee is ready with another surprise. The Fingerlings are back, but this time it’s up to you to tame them. The new Untamed Collection includes four ferocious velociraptors. Just like the monkeys and other cute characters, these Fingerlings hold onto your finger, but they’re not always in a friendly mood.

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May 15,2018
New Wholesale Toys: Shimmeez, Tiny Hands & Untamed Fingerlings

We’re committed to stocking the newest and coolest toys for our retailers. At License 2 Play, we go out of our way to make sure you know which brands will be popular. This month, we’re sharing three newcomers to our wholesale toy collection: Shimmeez, Tiny Hands, and Untamed Fingerlings. Shimmeez are glittery, cuddly friends every kid will want. With the Tiny Hands game, your next party becomes even more fun, and Untamed Fingerlings keep you on your toes by being tame one moment and ferocious the next.

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May 07,2018
How to Use Social Media to Market Your Toy Store

As a small independent retailer, you have to take advantage of different marketing strategies to gain customers for your store. While a social media presence isn’t a requirement to run a successful business, you may find that using those accounts can increase your customer base and encourage repeat visits to your store. A little bit of effort along these lines can go a long way. Here are some tips for marketing your gift or toy store with social media.

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