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Nov 17 2017

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Your Kids

Thanksgiving is an important holiday for many reasons, but for your kids, it may just look like a boring get-together with extended family members. Fortunately, you can do things to make Thanksgiving fun for your kids without forgetting the reason behind it. You can even take the opportunity to help your kids appreciate the good things in life.

Nov 01 2017

Dragons, Wizards and Wands, oh My!

Children have been fascinated by magic long before Harry Potter entered the stage. There is just something inherently interesting about wizards, fairies, dragons, and wands, because they defy our normal understanding of how things work. And who wouldn’t love to have magically powers to change the things that annoy them about their ordinary life?

Oct 23 2017

Get Wholesale Toys for Kids from License 2 Play

Running a retail business isn’t easy. Fortunately, purchasing wholesale toys for kids is, because you can order everything your little customers desire directly from License 2 Play. Here we have created a quick guide on how to get started buying wholesale and selling retail, and we’ll even help you choose the right products.

Oct 05 2017

Adorable Wholesale Fingerlings Monkeys from WowWee

What’s more adorable than a little monkey holding on to your finger? The manufacturer WowWee created colorful, interactive monkeys who love hanging on to your finger. They even know when they’re being talked to. Fingerlings are going to be a big hit this holiday season, because they make the perfect Christmas presents for any child who’s already wishing for a pet.

Oct 01 2017

Discover the Appeal of Pikmi Pops Surprises

If you’re wondering what kids are into this month, look no further than the Pikmi Pops surprises from Moose Toys. These adorable collectibles are hidden inside of a lollipop, but you won’t know which one you’re getting until it’s time to unwrap the toy. These tiny toys make great cash register displays, because their small size and low price easily tempt customers to make an impulse purchase.

Sep 18 2017

Wholesale Shopkins Series 8 Wave 3 is Coming to America!

What a wonderful way to wind up our World Vacation. The final leg of our Shopkins tour takes us to the Americas to meet some awesome new friends! Discover amazing places from Cool Canada and the Great United States to Marvelous Mexico and Brilliant Brazil.

Sep 11 2017

How to Get More Customers to Come and Purchase at Your Store

Sales and revenues are dependent on convincing new and existing customers to shop at your store. Getting someone to buy involves two different processes. One, you have to get them to come in. Two, you have to make them an offer they can’t say no to. We’ll address how to do both here.

Sep 05 2017

The Grossery Gang Series 3 - Yucky Has Never Been More Fun

Most adults will never understand why children are fascinated with yucky things. But the fact remains that they are, which is why it’s in your best interest to keep a lookout for The Grossery Gang Series 3. This collection will be in stock August 25th, so mark your calendar!

Sep 01 2017

New Product Releases from Jakks – Mr. Dusty, Rainbow Swirl Maker, and Egg Surprise Maker

Jakks has been developing toys for boys and girls since 1995. Their innovative products promise hours of fun for kids of all ages. On September 15, their newest products Mr. Dusty, the Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker, and the Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker will become available for purchase and resale.

Aug 13 2017

1,001 Ways of Playing with So Slime

Slime isn’t something that adults really equate with fun, at least most adults don’t. Instead, they picture it in hard-to-remove places all over the house as a result of their kids playing with it for hours. And while no adult in their right mind would wish for slime for their birthday, there are good reasons to let your kids have a go at So Slime anyways.

Aug 06 2017

Is It a Balloon or a Bubble? Neither. It's an Oonie!

Just when you think everything has already been done before, there is a new toy that’s not like any of the others. Oonies are neither balloons nor bubbles, but children will have the time of their lives with them. Oonies are easy to use and encourage your child’s creativity, because they can create a variety of unique characters without making a mess.

Aug 04 2017

Product Spotlight: Why Kids Love Peppy Pups!

Which child doesn’t want a puppy? Fortunately, parents don’t have to get the real thing, because the Peppy Pups are even better. From a grown-up perspective, they are much cheaper and easier to take care of than a real dog. And while children won’t be deceived that this toy is a real dog, they’ll love it just the same.