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5 Reasons to Register With License to Play!

Jul 01, 2020

Registering to purchase the best wholesale toys, personal protective equipment (PPE) kits, and novelty items from License 2 Play has never been easier! Are you searching for the perfect fast-selling items to stock your store or vendor booth for your grand reopening to the public? Check out these five reasons you should make License 2 Play your “Go-To” wholesaler for all your playtime fun!

The joy of Shopping is Back!
Not only are online sales are booming like never before for many e-commerce sites, brick-and-mortar stores and vendor booths alike are reopening with great success! People are feeling the strain of isolation and inactivity while staying home. They long to stretch their legs with some social activities to improve their emotional and mental health. Plus, parents are looking for new items to keep their children of all ages busy and active while offline in the house or on-the-go. As a leading toy manufacturer and wholesaler, License 2 Play offers the products that will attract those in need of some next-level entertainment! 

Toys and Games are High in Demand!
Who says staying home has to be boring? Mom, Dad, and kids of all ages are looking forward to building memories both at home and on road trips with our popular products that are on everyone’s wish list in 2020! With a large selection ranging from So Slime and So Sand activities to D-Dart Blasters and figurines inspired by trending media sensations, your customers will know to check with your store or booth first for ways to keep the kids busy from summer to spring.

We Have the Hottest Sellers!
Speaking of hit toys, we offer something for everyone at License 2 Play. Each of our toys, activities, and novelty items fall into one of two categories: popular collectible or crazy hot current seller! For instance, we proudly offer the plush world of Cats and Pickles which follows a heavy media and television advertising campaign that leaves these lovable characters fresh on shoppers’ minds. These little cuties are not only soft and comforting, they come with their own interactive game download and bio to help kids stay engaged with what these crazy cats are dropping on the pickles next! To make it to the next level, the pickles must be saved from being squashed. How many levels can you make it through?

Speaking of games, our video game inspired toys need no introduction as they are realistic depictions of top-grossing games such as Roblox and Fortnite. Fans can mix and match to help their favorite characters build the best tower or claim victory! After winning the battle, students and families will appreciate our Studio Creator kits that are perfect for producing professional-looking social media pics and videos! Within each box is a green screen and tripod with an LED ring light that boasts three different color modes and 10 brightness settings to capture all the best angles in any room of the house.

Don’t Forget Our Essential Hygiene Kits!
Consumers are searching for these hygiene items that help prevent the spread of germs in every store or booth location as they can be difficult to find, especially during COVID-19. Our three iFly Smart kits come in handy travel-size packets for quick access while out-and-about shopping, running errands, having fun in the sun, or traveling. Each kit has varying must-have items for safer travels to cater to the individual hygiene needs of your shoppers. Place them in a visible location and watch them fly out the door! Just be sure you order enough to keep these high-demand items in stock.

Getting Started is Super Easy!
All you need to register with us is your sales tax number and your basic business contact information to complete our online registration form. Once verified, you can begin ordering from our extensive line of wholesale products any time you like! Shop plushies and figurines, animated toys, creative activity kits, toys for developing that perfect battle strategy, and much more!

Be prepared for an influx of guests on your website, brick-and-mortar store or booth location while reopening to the public with promotions about our toys, activities, PPE kits, and nostalgic items! At License 2 Play, you will love our wide selection of all the latest products that keep your customers returning to your store again and again. Register with us and start seeing the rewards of selling our wholesale items today! Let’s take the idea of fun to new heights together!