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7 Imaginative Holiday Toys Display for Retail Stores

Nov 01, 2019

Are you looking for a fun way to showcase toys that will catch the eye holiday shoppers? How about five? Read on to discover how these amazing displays will attract attention and inspire play no matter what your customers are into.

Arcade Zone
Everyone loves a vintage arcade game or puzzle to solve! Try pushing three bookcases together to make a U-shape. Cut out and paint plywood for the outside and top to make it appear shoppers are entering the inside of an arcade game. Then, display your tiny arcade games, X-Cubes, and other related items on the shelves with one of each left out in a play area in the middle for shoppers to explore and solve.

Gaming Space
Kids ages 6 and up will stay entertained for hours in your gaming space when you set up an XBox or show kid-friendly YouTube gamer videos. Set out popular corresponding gaming figurines and other toys inspired by video games like Roblox and Fortnite on both sides of the screen. Be sure to turn the display case to face inward around the player to establish more of a separate space from the rest of the store while increasing the visibility of the toys for game-enthusiasts. A colorful "Game Space" or similar sign hanging from the ceiling is a nice touch.

Construction Site
Shoppers could use a hardhat to enter this work zone. You can watch kids' imaginations soar when you set out a top-selling building playset, like the Flexo Inventor's Set or K'Nex Amusement Park on a large child-level table. For the set, make an over-sized cardboard portfolio background with a brick building pattern painted or wallpapered onto it. Add a miniature coat rack for a construction dress-up station and larger-sized blocks for younger builders. 

Life-Sized Doll House
Speaking of playing dress-up, why not have a life-sized pretend kitchen or living room in your store where the dolls and their accessories can take center stage literally? Designate a space or build a center stage area and place a rocking chair next to a crib and a wardrobe filled with doll clothes and blankets to let shoppers rock the babies to sleep or dress them for their pretend activities. Another idea is to set up a play kitchen for kids to cook up something wonderful to feed the dolls. Also, having a couple of strollers standing by for children to walk the babies around in the store can keep the children engaged in play while Mom and Dad browse and buy items. All the accessories and dolls you sell could be located on shelving placed on both sides of the staged area for convenient purchasing.

Fairy Land
Take pretending a step further by turning the u-shaped display around so that there is only one rounded opening for kids and parents to enter the secret world of fairies. Have pouch filled with "pixie dust", AKA colored sugar or glitter, and instructions to sprinkle a pinch before entering. Inside, the display can be a garden-like setting and fairy-related toys to play with. The toys and accessories to buy could be located along the outside of the display. Just don't forget the fairy-sized door for added effect.

Bringing Outdoor Play Indoors 
To entice the more energetic crowd into buying athletic toys, try setting up a football or soccer station where a net safely catches the ball. If you can incorporate a way to track speed, all the better. Athletic toys and equipment may be located on either side of the station with an opened example of each set in the station on a rack for practice.

Retail Store
For young entrepreneurs, playing the role of a check-out clerk or retail store owner is a blast! Kids like to help parents pay for items, so let their parents pretend to make their purchase first at the children's check-out counter. Around the counter, you can display hot-selling toys or seasonal impromptu items just like at the real counter.

No matter what your customers are looking for in your store this holiday season, these displays are sure to promote your items in a way that would be hard to miss or turn down! Establish a play zone that does more than play movies or cartoons. While other retail stores have rows of boxed items, your store will be set apart as a place where kids can explore, create, and find out which toy they want to bring home. Get starting today letting children play with the items you sell to enhance families' shopping experience while maximizing your sales opportunities with the ideas above.