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7 Stocking Stuffer Toys for Your Retail Store

Nov 15, 2019

Stockings will soon be hung by the chimney with care and your customers AKA Santa's elves will need to buy small toys for Santa to place inside. But, which wholesale tiny toys should you stock up on? Make a big splash with your shoppers with these seven miniature stocking stuffers.

Going Bananas
These are no ordinary bananas! Customers will "oooh", "aaah", and giggle with glee when they pull back the colorful peel to reveal multiple surprises inside the display model. Each Banana comes with an adorable miniature character called a "Crushie", a character sticker, a gemstone sticker sheet, a collector's guide, and a character ring to wear. Plus, with 24 Crushies to collect, these items also make perfect party favors. Whether you set out the singles or the animal print bunches of three on your displays, the surprising reveal in these Bananas is sure to get customers talking!

Bubble the Fun with Bubble Drops
If your shoppers enjoy the Bananas collection, suggest the Pikmi Pops Bubble Drops to pair together in the stocking this holiday. Bubble Drops are plush toys young children and teens alike will love to squeeze as they watch their wild neon-printed animal friend blow a giant bubble! All Bubble Drops include a plush toy, gumball vessel, collector's guide, and a joke that recipients can tell their friends and family to keep the laughter going.  As a bonus, you can promote the fact that some lucky shoppers could find a hidden gem inside the bubble!  

Playtime with Breakfast?
If you thought Bananas were out-of-the-box, wait until you what renowned artist, Heidi Kenney created with these squishy breakfast foods called "Breakfast Monsters" that are just the right size for any stocking surprise. Try setting all nine characters in a cereal bowl with a spoon and some foam to represent milk or on a plate with an individual-sized milk carton beside it. Pranksters will go nuts over them!

Make Them Laugh with Poonicorn
Speaking of pranks, kids of all ages cannot resist squeezing the Poonicorn Fuzzy Flips. These 12-inch color-popping characters come from the land of Poonicornicopia and are part egg, part poonicorn, and 100% squishable! See if your customers can resist collecting them all!

Hanging Around with Fingerlings 
Few toys are more popular for younger children than Fingerlings, and with these Fingerlings Clip-Ons, parents will be able to purchase one that can go anywhere anytime. Students can take them on backpacks or purses, and little ones can let them hitch a ride on belt loops and in tricycle pouches. These little cuties will amaze customers with their hugging arms, poseable tails, and eyes that open and close. For something so small, this toy will make a huge impression! 

Crafting a Roblox Character
School-aged children would be thrilled to find a Roblox character straight from their popular video games sitting in their stocking! The best part about these figurines is kids can mix-and-match to build their very own unique characters. Also, with 56 million monthly Roblox players, Roblox figurine replicas will need no introduction. Simply set them out for children to see and watch them practically sell themselves!

World's Smallest
Every once in awhile, unplugging the devices can be healthy, especially over the holidays. These World's Smallest toys and games are tiny versions of the toys we all grew up with. Consumers will think back to their younger years when playtime was not related to electronics or mobile devices when they see any of these items. From the Uno card game and Lite Brite to Stretch Armstrong and Tinker Toys, there are a large variety of World's Smallest toys that make wonderful stocking stuffers and office gifts for people of any age. 

As you can see, we have the stocking stuffers your customers want this season that will bring holiday cheer to their loved ones. Plus, with our low wholesale prices, you will be able to spread more joy to your shoppers this year with your large selection of toy options. Therefore, when the holiday shopping begins, you will be ready to open for business with the above quick pick selections that will bring a smile to boys and girls at any age!