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Blind Package Toys – The Hot Collector's Items 

Mar 01, 2017

From sticker and gumball machines to blind wrapped surprises at the bottom of cereal boxes, we've always loved getting toy surprises and collecting them. No matter what generation you're from, you probably remember some of the magic of collecting toys from arcades, food boxes and even surprise packaging. Blind package toys recreate this magic, with collectible toys in blind packaging (you don't know what it is), to keep collectors coming back for more. 

Blind package toys are a phenomenon across the USA, driving a new generation of collectors with items like Shopkins that have quickly become one of the world's most sold toys. 

What are Blind Box Toys?

Blind box toys, also known as mystery minis, are small toys that are hidden in identical packaging. The toys are all collectible and some are even extremely rare. Most show up in packaging between 10% and 2% of purchase times, but some only show up 0.5% of the time or less with very large collections. Kids buy these toys to attempt to collect the ones they want (or to collect everything), but because they can't see what's in the box, it's not as simple as just picking the right toys off the shelf. Getting the right toys is a lot like collecting baseball cards, you have to keep buying packs to get the ones you want. 

Why Buy Them?

Blind box toys are a retailer’s dream in that they keep kids coming back again and again for the same toys. But what makes kids so excited about paying for a toy when they don't know what it is? The thrill of chasing an item is often just as great as actually owning it and blind box toys allow kids, teens and even adults the opportunity to hunt down a toy they really want. In most cases, blind box toys start for as little as a few dollars per box and might include several toys, giving kids the opportunity to expand their collections, trade and show off just how many they have. 

While they don't greatly appeal to casual buyers, blind box toys are a must-have for collectors. Just like collecting cards, buying blind box toys can be its own form of addictive fun. 

Great for Retailers 

Modern retailers have more trouble competing with online stores like Amazon than ever, but small items like blind box toys give you an advantage. By offering small items at low prices, which you can't get with shipping costs, you can draw a large number of young collectors looking for specific toys. Blind box buyers rely on luck to get the rare blind box items they want and this means frequent purchases, typically at brick and mortar stores. 

Adding Blind Boxes to Your Inventory 

License 2 Play offers multiple licensed blind box toys including Shopkins, Grossery Gant, Shopkins Happy Places, Glitzi Globes and World's Smallest. These toys are popular with kids of all ages and some like Shopkins are a collectible phenomenon. While the popularity of any given toy will change based on area, blind box toys are gaining popularity across the United States and are here to stay. 

Blind box toys are small, cute, collectible and often perfect as gifts or for kids to buy themselves. They’re also great for drawing kids into a store, because they’re often cheap enough for kids to buy with pocket money, rather than waiting to get them online. While there are plenty of toy trends to look into, if you’re looking for something new for your toy store or gift shop, blind box toys are a great choice.