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Celebrating Memorial Day with Hero Toys

May 01, 2019

As families prepare for a day of remembrance for the valor and legacy of those who have fought to bring peace and freedom to our great nation this Memorial Day, parents may be looking for a way to explain that sacrifice and bravery to their children. Playtime is one way kids can explore what it takes and sometimes costs to serve our nation and protect citizens' rights and dreams. These toys offer an opportunity for children to learn more about what makes a man or woman a true hero.

Mego DC Action Figure Assortment
Some of the most widely recognized fictional heroes for both your adult and child shoppers alike are the popular characters from the DC comics. By stocking the Assorted Mego DC Action Figures, you are enabling parents to pass down that appreciation for bravery in the face of seemingly undefeatable foes to the next generation of rising heroes. Children oftentimes learn through play, and developing or acting out stories that include creative challenges and victories against overwhelming odds is part of that discovery process. With each new DC character battle scene, children begin to understand some of the sacrifices that heroes sometimes make in order to restore balance and bring joy and peace to so many.

These action figures are 14 inches in size and offer 14-point articulation resulting in more movement for creative play. The assortment includes the leading characters that can be seen saving the world in many movies such as "Wonder Woman", "Aquaman", and "The LEGO Batman Movie" and "Batman Vs. Superman Dawn of Justice". Children and teens will enjoy making their own hero struggles and victories by collecting them all!

DC Comics Minis
Is a tiny collector's assortment of these heroes more your customers' style? We have that covered too in these 100% die-cast metal figurines. Standing under two inches in height, these ten mini hero figures are sure to be a hit with every DC Comics fan. 

Super Hero Girls!
Little girls today are learning the sky is not the limit and the only things holding them back from making their mark on the world is their own willingness to follow their dreams.  This collection of three-inch Super Hero Toddler DC Comics Dolls shows young children that female heroes can make just as much of a difference as men when it comes to saving the day.

Mega Man Assortments
Have any game player customers? Young children over the age of three who are not quite ready for the DC Comics may find these five to seven inch game-based mini figures offer just the right amount of action for their growing imaginations. Depending on the selection, these heroes can come with accessory options such as a cannon, turbine accessory, or five spinning drills with grinding sounds. Plus, these accessories may be used with the five-inch version characters.

Mega Man Blue, Wave Man, and Ice Man comprise the six-inch assortment. The seven-inch Drill Man comes with six-point articulation making it easier than ever for kids to find that perfect pose for each daring scene in their brave adventures. When you want to find a toy that can introduce a hint of the Memorial Day concept to a young mind without getting too caught up in the battle aspect, these figures may fit the role perfectly.

The Incredibles 
Although most notable fictional heroes are adults or at least teens, The Incredibles are made up of an entire cartoon family, including a baby with super powers! Granted, the baby has some fairly frightening abilities. Luckily, those powers are shown in a humorous way during the most recent Incredibles movie called "Incredibles 2" that gives kids an example of how they too can be bold and do the right thing at any age.

In fact, the teen daughter in the movie must make a choice between her typical teen social life and being part of a super hero family illustrating on a beginning level some of the sacrifice our serving men and women make in the military as well as the message that family is important. Also, the husband agrees to take his wife's role as the hero at home with managing daily family tasks while the mom hits the road to follow her career and rescue several people from danger. Characters from this movie are sold in blind box or four-inch figure assortments. There is even a baby Jack Jack character that is sold separately with all his many powers ready to be displayed with lights and sounds by pressing his tummy. 

While conveying the meaning behind Memorial Day and the sacrifice made by the many fallen soldiers for our freedom is a difficult topic for many parents to approach, lining your end caps, shelves and counters with the aforementioned action toys may help ease the conversation for your customers and their children. Since children see these characters in movies and video games, the figures can be a useful tool for such topics as bravery and how using one's abilities to help others may sometimes require difficult decisions. Best of all, children learn to value that sacrifice when the hero wins and the people cheer as they are once again free to resume their daily routines. The only question is which heroic figurine will sell the most on this day of great remembrance?