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Fortnite Character Figurines Make a Splash at the 2019 Toy Fair

Mar 15, 2019

If you missed this year's Toy Fair in If you missed this year's Toy Fair in New York, you are in luck because we carry some of the most requested toys from the fair for you like the hot-selling Fortnite action figures! Fortnite has taken the world by storm! From fun dances and cool character outfits called "skins" to the action-packed video game, Fortnite has become the world's most popular game. So, you can be sure your customers will love to collect these action figures!

  • Why Is Fortnite Such A Hit?
    Fortnite captivates more than 200 million players with its costumes, dances, and, of course, survival-based strategy games. It has a PEGI rating of 12 years of age and up due to mild violence. However, children under 12 are also going crazy for this game! In fact, it is rare these days to find a child under eight who does not know the "Floss", "Worm", "Wiggle" or "Best Mates" dances, among many others. These dances may be purchased and downloaded for the avatar character to use in the game adding an element of levity and fun to an otherwise very intense game. 

    Most children and a lot adults for that matter have their favorite dance moves, but the game continues to hold their players' interst with tons of colorful avatar outfits called "skins" that are also available for purchase. These skins can be fierce-looking such as Longshot or hilarious like Beef Boss with a hamburger for a head, depending on the one the player selects to purchase. The more "rare" the skin, the more it costs to download. 

    Some skins are rare or time-sensitive as they coincide with events. For example, when the popular entertainer, Marshmello, performed live in a virtual concert on Fortnite, the producers released an imaginative Marshmello skin for fans to purchase in time to dance to the music on a virtual stage. How many video games can do that? With a constant stream of new reasons to purchase skins and emotes, you can expect all the characters become collectible both in the game and in the toy form.

  • Who Are Some Of The Fortnite Characters?
    Although there are far too many avatar character skins to name, some of the most memorable would have to be the Tomatohead, World Cup soccer skins, Crackshot nutcracker skin, Cuddle Team Leader sporting a pink bear costume and Chomp Sr., which looks like a man wearing a shark helmet. Epic Games, Inc., the producers of Fortnite, suggest reviewing the full character skin list at Tech Centurian. Our Fortnite action figures contain up to 100 characters for your customers to collect, so they will have a wide array of choices. What a great gift at birthday parties for the Fortnite enthusiast!

  • What Is The Battle Royale Mode?
    Battle Royale is a free game within Fortnite where 100 players can battle each other to become the last avatar still standing. Players can also build in this mode to gain a tactical advantage, acquire enough height to use a glider, or take cover when under attack. In this way, the game is similar to the survival version of Minecraft. To that point, there is a creative mode in Fortnite where players and their friends can build a city on an island. On the other hand, Battle Royale only allows enough time for a quick build as the goal is to remain in the game when the other 99 players are trying to take you out. All of the figurines from our collection are from the Battle Royale mode within Fortnite.  

  • And Then There Are The Weapons...
    Unlike many video games, Fortnite adds a degree of difficulty by forcing players to find weapons inside the game instead of downloading their weapons ahead of time. There is, however, one weapon gamers can purchase and swap out before the game begins. The Fortnite Pickaxe can be used to attack another character or tear down a structure in the Fortnite world. Like the character skins, Fortnite allows players to purchase a number of colorful and imaginative pickaxe skins. Each Fortnite figurines we sell comes with one interchangeable weapon to encourage a more interactive play just like in the game.

  • What's The Deal With The Back Blings?
    Epic Games, Inc. makes their money from offering the forementioned character skins, pickaxe skins, and emotes for purchase. Being the brilliant developers they are, they decided to add one more element to personalize the Fortnite character experience with an assortment of gliders and, you guessed it, Back Bling. This downloaded item shows up on the character's back after picking up some tools that will be stored in a backpack while in the game. Some examples are bat wings called Valkyrie Wings, a bass drum called Kick Drum, or the bunny backpack named Nibbles. Like the skins of the avatars and pickaxes, these are purely cosmetic downloads the gamers use to enhance their overall experience. Kids will love changing out the back bling on our poseable toy figurines.

Where some games are hot for only a short while, Fortnite does not show any signs of losing steam with so many exciting ways to craft an engaging and challenging gaming environment. Best of all, the game can continue for your customers when the electronics are turned off by purchasing these poseable Fortnite character figurines. Each one comes with two swappable accessories and a stand. With over 100 to collect, kids will have a blast trading characters, weapons and back bling with their friends! Just because you missed the Toy Fair does not mean you have to miss the hottest selling toys of the year. Stock up on the Fortnite characters today!