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How to Get Started with Wholesale Toys in Your Store

Jul 18, 2018

If you’re operating a gift or retail store, you may be wondering if you should add toys to your product selection. There are good reasons to include toys in your offerings, especially since they’re fun products that are easy to sell. Here we’ll explain the benefits of selling toys and give you some tips on getting started. It’s all about stocking the right types of toys for your target market – that’s our expertise.

Why Expand Your Inventory with Toys

There are many great reasons to expand your store’s inventory with toys. First of all, with the biggest toy retailer Toys”R”Us  permanently closing its doors, there is a huge gap. Many customers still want to purchase toys in person because that’s the best way to determine which product is the right fit. Children who want to use their allowance are also more likely to spend it in person than online.

Adding toys to your retail selection is just as important as adding trinkets or candies to your cash register. Toys are easy to sell. Not only do birthdays and gift-giving holidays come around regularly, but parents love surprising their children with the occasional toy. Low-priced toys may move even quicker, because they can be added on to a regular purchase of any variety.

What Types of Toys to Stock

Once you have made the decision to add toys to your retail collection, you may not be entirely sure where to start. It helps if you have an idea of which age ranges you’d like to serve. Alternatively, you can choose mostly licensed and top selling toys in the beginning as you get a feel for which items move off the shelves quickly.

Licensed Toys

Licensed toys include a variety of toys that are using branding. These brands are often part of movies and TV shows, including Disney Princesses and Paw Patrol. Many customers will come into your store looking for specific licensed toys because their child has become enamored with them. They may have seen them on TV in a commercial, or their best friends are already playing with them.

Our collection of licensed toys is extensive and includes everything from tiny Shopkins, Hatchimals, and Peppy Pets to My Little Pony. The great thing about licensed toys is that they already come with brand recognition. You won’t have to sell these toys to your customers, because they already know of them. The manufacturer has already put in the work and paid for the advertising for their product. All you have to do is stock it in your store and let customers purchase what they want.

Top Selling Toys

While it’s not easy for an individual storeowner to decide what to buy, you can rely on the list of top selling toys to ensure you’re getting merchandise that won’t linger on your shelves. The Toy Fair 2019 introduced and showcased some of the top favorite toys that are most popular right now. For example, current popular items include Shopkins Series 10 and Fingerlings. The Fingerlings were actually named toy of the year in 2017, and the manufacturer has just released the new collection of Untamed Fingerlings.

At License 2 Play, we keep you up to date with the newest releases in the world of toys. You can see the top items on our homepage, and we frequently explore new products on our blog every month. You can also browse through our extensive selection of products to find the products that are just right for your store.

Wholesale Toy Buying Made Easy

At License 2 Play, we make it easy to order wholesale toys. We have a large selection of toys to choose from, including licensed toys, the top selling toys of the year, and unique toys from our own selection. We also stock a variety of manufacturers to give you the best selection of toys.

At License 2 Play, ordering wholesale toys is easy. We have low minimum quantity orders, and we offer fast and reliable shipping directly to your store. We’ll even show you new releases before they’re available to help you plan ahead. After all, when the newest series of Shopkins is released, you want to make sure you have them ready to sell.

Get started today and become a wholesale customer. You’ll have a great selection of wholesale toys to choose from. Don’t wait to start stocking toys in your store. All you have to do is register here!