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New Wholesale Bob Ross Board Games at License 2 Play!

Mar 01, 2021

Attract buyers looking for entertainment for the whole family or an upcoming party with these new wholesale Bob Ross board games and more! For decades, generations grew up learning to love even the mistakes in painting as they were instantly transformed into “happy little accidents” by everyone’s favorite art instructor. Now, shoppers can once again invite the fun into their living rooms with these seven trending wholesale Bob Ross products!

Who is Bob Ross?
Whether you have heard about him as a painter, an art instructor, a television host, or an author, chances are you have heard the name, Bob Ross. From 1983 until 1994, he showed the nation how to turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece on his popular show called “The Joy of Painting”. But, he is best known for how his methods made all the mesmerized viewers smile as they tried to recreate or incorporate some of his instructions into their own artwork. 

Why were they so excited about art? Bob taught his fans that mistakes are part of the learning process as well as the “joy of painting”. What’s more, he showed how to turn those “happy little accidents” into something beautiful. He had an amazing gift of transforming something many of us would toss out and start over into art worthy of a museum. Although he is gone from us, art students everywhere continue to learn from his valuable lessons and they can recall his creative magic each time they open one of our fast-selling wholesale Bob Ross items.

Art of Chill Game
Consumers will earn chill points as they use colors and brushes from their hands. But will they beat out the competition? If someone else has already reached the brush, the player may want to wash off his or her palette and find a fresh approach. The first one to finish his or her landscape portrait wins!

Happy Little Accidents Game
Oftentimes, we are told our mistakes need to be erased or corrected. But, what if they could simply become something different? With the Happy Little Accidents Game, players are awarded points for doing just that. Each squiggle or abstract design inspires new creations. Some will be hilarious, others will be pure genius! Either way, it’s all part of the fun.

Bob Ross Talking Keychain
?If your store visitors are looking to add some extra positivity to their day, they can find it in their purses, on their backpacks, or on their keyring with the World’s Coolest Bob Ross Talking Keychain. This item has six popular phrases Bob Ross was known for saying, such as “Let’s make some nice little clouds that just float around and have fun all day!’ It’s the toy that can change those stressful days into happy little accidents in seconds. 

DIY Gummy Kit
Gummies in the shape of art supplies, squirrels, and…Bob Ross? Consumers will laugh with friends and family members as they paint their way through this DIY kit that not only looks pretty, it’s tasty too! Let your shoppers pour their own edible art into Bob Ross-inspired molds that come with brightly colored gummy mixes, super sour powder, and an instruction booklet.

Paintbrush Dipping Candy
?This wholesale candy allows consumers to dip their paintbrushes into a delicious color palette. Plus, with three yummy flavors to choose from, this is one long-lasting candy they won’t want to put down. Each packet contains the following flavors: green apple, raspberry, and strawberry.

Happy Little Trees Mints
Your shoppers will love these mints that remind us even mistakes like eating onions at lunch are fixable. On that note, this is ideal for any time consumers are wearing their face masks after they eat. We suggest making these tins a countertop display to spark conversations about the other Bob Ross items you sell in your store. 

Bob Ross Energy Drink
Another way you can give your shoppers a boost during long tiring days is to sell Bob Ross Energy drinks. It is hard to hold this can and not think happy positive thoughts. Each can has a picture of Bob Ross painting and his signature along with the words “Positive Energy Drink”. What a fun way to get an extra pep in your step!

How to Buy
By this point, you may be wondering where you can find wholesale Bob Ross items to sell in your store. License 2 Play has them all in stock. Best of all, the registration process is unbelievably easy! All it takes to get started is a completed online registration form and an uploaded or emailed Sale Tax Resale Certificate. Hurry to start your registration process today to make sure your inventory is ready in time for those spring sales!