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New Wholesale Pokémon Toys at License 2 Play!

Jun 15, 2020

We have these new popular wholesale Pokémon toys in stock at License 2 Play! Pokémon is a hit year-after-year with fans of video games, cartoon series, and movies. Now, retailers can offer consumers their choice of these loveable creatures in super fun variations that can provide hours of entertainment offline or anytime!

How the Pokémon Craze Began
Pokémon first became a hit illustrated cartoon in a gaming magazine in Japan in the 1980s. It was then referred to as "Pocket Monsters", which was the original name for the characters. Then, in 1996, Nintendo launched the first Game Boy Pokémon games. Much like today's Fortnite, these were social games. They encouraged trading monsters and do battle with other players in order to collect all 151 Pokémon. This social aspect of the Pokémon games continues to this day and is considered to be one of the main reasons for its popularity among collectors resulting in more games, a cartoon series, collector cards, movies, the Pokémon Go app, and, of course, toy merchandise.

Battle Figures
Speaking hot-selling toys, our collection of officially licensed Pokémon Battle Figure Packs will bring the battles and trading process offline for continued excitement with friends at the playground, neighborhood common areas, pool, or anywhere Pokémon fanatics happen to be! Each pack comes with two finely detailed Pokémon figures that closely resemble the beloved characters and can strike a fierce action pose when it is time to do battle! With three sets available in both 2-inch and 3-inch sizes, these Battle Packs are a collector's must!

Clip 'N' Go
For those who truly love the thrill of a Pokémon battle, a Pokémon Clip 'N' Go Belt Set together with Clip 'N'Go Poké Balls will be high on their wish list to train their creatures and capture new warrior monsters! The belt set is sold with two Poké Balls and one 2-inch Pokémon figurine to prepare for immediate battles and trading with friends. Storing up to six Poké Balls to contain the accrued Pokémon characters, these belts may prove hard to keep in stock on your shelves!

Plush Toys
What happens when Pokémon becomes an 8-inch cuddly Pokémon Plushy? They become a fans' favorite comforting toy! Plus, with 10 officially licensed characters by Wicked Cool Toys to purchase, Pokémon enthusiasts are sure to be back for more!  

My Partner Pikachu
If shoppers are searching for the next level of playtime fun, then we suggest stocking up on a My Partner Pikachu display. No matter which power you consider to be the best, everyone can agree this main character remains one of the most adorable and recognizable Pokémon characters around. Children will be in awe as Pikachu responds to conversations by wiggling his ears and arms, talking, and glowing in his tail and cheeks just like the real thing! This toy makes the perfect gift for all Pokémon game players and cartoon or movie series followers as he helps to bring the training and battling adventure to life using three sensors!

Promoting Pokémon in Your Store
As physical store locations once again begin to open their doors to the public after being closed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), there are many ways to promote these brave little warrior creatures and still maintain opportunities for safe social distancing practices. A good place to start is by playing the latest Pokémon movies, "Mewtwo Strikes Back — Evolution" or "Detective Pikachu" on a large screen beside the Pokémon display case. Then, pack the shelves or Pikachu-themed display around the screen with a combination of the above toys. Lastly, try making a product highlight video or slide show to introduce your audience to each toy between showtimes. For example, take pics of kids playing with each of the individual toys in a well-lit area and put them together in a slideshow after showing an up-close image of the item. For sound, talk about the features of each product. As a bonus, this slideshow or video may also be uploaded to social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube to reach a wider audience for free!

Therefore, as social distancing has served to build excitement around video games, cartoons, and movies, Pokémon has been as popular as ever. With new officially licensed wholesale toys from License 2 Play, your gaming fans will be able to choose their favorite loveable creatures to battle along with their cartoons and movies or continue the fun while offline! Shop our website for all the best Pokémon toys at wholesale prices today!