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Preparing for Father's Day Fun

May 15, 2019

Where Mother's Day is more about flowers, cards, and nice meals that bring the family together, customers can use these games and activities to appreciate their dads' funny wacky side over Father's Day. He will need all his accumulated tricks, strategies, and perhaps a little engineering to beat the kids on this special day of fun and laughter. Get ready to stock up on items that are sure to produce post worthy pics and cherished memories this Father's Day!

Toilet Paper Blaster
Kids can stage a safe and sanitary attack on Dad with easy Mom-approved clean up using the super fun Toilet Paper Blaster! There will be no place to hide for the kids either when Mom buys one for Dad to shoot back. This will be an epic battle to record on video for sure! All customers need is toilet paper they already have on hand plus water for quick assembly before entering this action-packed game involving top notch military strategies. Of course, running straight into the firing range while firing as many spitballs as possible before getting hit is also a great way to play for younger kids.

No skid marks or yard mess to clean up with this biodegradable weapon that shoots up to 30 feet! Shoppers are likely to get one for each family member and share the idea with friends and neighbors. This is also a fantastic game for groups of tweens and teens at camp or youth group. Therefore, we suggest this item should be at the top of every storeowner's list of toys for Father's Day.

Hyper Toss
When you think about dads and their children, the image fathers playing ball games with the children usually comes to mind. The Hyper Toss electronic ball catching game takes that ball toss activity to a more versatile level as it can be played both indoors or outdoors. Recommended for ages six and older, this game has multiple levels and modes for ongoing challenging play time. Your competitive customers will love trying to win against Dad, siblings and friends with the fastest time, the most accurate placement following the quickly memorized sequencing, or the highest level achieved. More creative customers can design their own sequences and see if Dad can follow their lead. Even the non-sporty individuals can practice improving their hand-eye coordination and memory skills with this amusing game of catch and copy.

Fake News
No matter which side of politics your customers are on, the Fake News game will leave dads and kids alike laughing and struggling to be the first to figure out who, if anyone, said the quotes on the cards. Be careful, though. Some of the cards contain fake news quotes! The first player to get 11 correct answers wins the game. Will Dad know more than his children about these news worthy quotes? Place this on an end cap or near the register to let families purchase the game and find out.

This creative building set is for the engineer dads and those with possible future engineer children. First, there was Tinker Toys. Now, there is Knex. How is it different? Knex combines what we love about Tinker Toys with more part sizes, lengths, and shapes resulting in expanded building options like an entire amusement park, cars, boats, robot figures, and more. By using Knex during imaginative playtime, Dad can help his children produce the buildings of their architectural dreams or the characters of their future books. Everyone is included in the fun with Knex building sets.

What's In The Box
If you watch The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon you have probably seen this hilarious game. Dads will have to prove how brave they are as the kids put different objects into the box and all take turns guessing the contents. The more squishy, slimy and smelly the better with this game! This is also a great activity for rainy day game nights or after the big Father's Day cookout while letting the food settle before breaking out the Toilet Paper Blasters.

Father's Day is typically thought of as a day of grilling out, relaxing with the kiddos and being entertained with laugh-out-loud memorable activities. These games offer a chance for families to create those moments without having to leave their homes as even the Toilet Paper Blaster can be used indoors as it leaves no skid marks. Your customers will have a great time with these suggested items, and we think, after shoppers see them, your biggest problem will be keeping them in stock this Father's Day!