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Oct 15, 2020

If you are a retailer and you don’t know about Bluey, you are missing out! This is one of the most widely watched cartoons on Disney channels for good reason. Now, your shoppers can continue the hilarious adventures anytime anywhere with these Bluey toys, games, and playsets! 

Meet Bluey!
This small six-year-old Blue Heeler dog offers children and adults alike a chance to giggle through life’s everyday activities and topics. Together with her sister, Bingo, and parents, Bandit and Chilli, Bluey navigates through her upbeat world with a fresh approach that appeals to people of all ages. From saving the day at the pool to deciding how to spend her $5, Bluey brings comedy to the whole family. Finally, a show parents can appreciate just as much as their little ones! 

Why Kids Love This Show!?
Since 2018, this Aussie hit animated series has been bringing laughter, life lessons, and excitement to young children around the globe. The best part is Bluey’s curiosity, energy, and positivity that turns the most awkward situations into seriously fun adventures. Plus, you never know what to expect with each episode because the reactions of all the characters are so unpredictable. She even has parents raving about her to their friends! As you may imagine, many fans to actually plan their daily activities around the release of upcoming shows. Check it out for yourself and laugh along with Bluey on Disney Now, Disney +, or Disney Junior!

Character Plushies
Yes, kids have a new best friend in town and her name is Bluey! Our Bluey plushies showcase her cheery disposition with beautifully detailed embroidery and a contagious smile that can brighten every child’s day while inspiring imaginative play. Each eight-inch doll comes with extra soft materials that add soothing squeezable comfort at home or while on an advent. At naptime, nighttime, or whenever a good hug is required, it’s hard to beat a cuddle with a Bluey plushy! ?

Bluey Games to Share?
No retail game shelf is complete without the Bluey’s Shadowlands Board GameBingo’s Bingo, and Bluey's 5-in-1 Card Game Set. With the Shadowland’s Board Game, the players are racing to the picnic area and collecting cupcake cards as they go. But, staying in the shadows is trickier than you think because the tree in the middle can be moved to alter the shadows! ?

When the winners of Bluey’s Shadowlands Board Game have been determined, it’s time to break out the BINGO! Well, Bingo’s Bingo that is. This entertaining twist on traditional BINGO will have kids building math and memory skills as they try to win three scoring chips to claim their title as the Bingo’s Bingo champion and perform their victory dance! Naturally, those moves will closely resemble The Floss dance, if you are an avid Bluey fan.

If your shoppers need a game for the road, don’t worry! Our 5-in-1 Bluey Card Game set will keep the peace in the backseat. The large size makes holding them a breeze for younger players and the only problem parents have with this game is it’s hard to stop playing with so many games to choose from!

Figurines With Playsets?
Another way to mix up game time or any play experience is to add the Bluey and friends characters. These tiny replicas are pocket-sized versions of the beloved cartoon characters and they are always ready to play! Display the duo figurine packs together with the family Cruiser and mini-park playset to help kids reenact scenes from the show or take their imaginations to new heights with bold adventures of their own. 

Each two-figure pack comes with two adorable characters and accessories. The family Cruiser has a roof rack for the two included surfboards to keep Bluey busy at the beach as well as rubbish stickers for decoration. Where will the family go in their family car? The park of course! Our mini-park playset features a slide, swing, and red wagon just like on tv!  

Therefore, this is one hot-selling line of products every toy store will be promoting this year with no sign of slowing anytime soon! Perfect for pretend play or interactive game day, the Bluey items at License 2 Play are on everyone’s wishlist. Just be sure you are registered with us so you can place your order and not get caught without these items in stock during the holiday rush!