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Is It a Balloon or a Bubble? Neither. It's an Oonie!

Aug 06, 2017

Just when you think everything has already been done before, there is a new toy that’s not like any of the others. Oonies are neither balloons nor bubbles, but children will have the time of their lives with them. Oonies are easy to use and encourage your child’s creativity, because they can create a variety of unique characters without making a mess. We anticpate these wholesale toys to be a hot item this year.

What Are Oonies?

Oonies are inflatable mini balloons that stick together without glue. They can be decorated with ears, eyes, tails, and other bits. There is no limit to the imagination when it comes to Oonies. You can create any creature you want. You can also just make an Oonie rainbow, it doesn’t have to be an animal creature. Whatever you end up creating, it’s easy to make Oonies, and it’s a lot of fun, too!

How Can You Make Oonies?

The inflator starter pack comes with enough pallets to get started with a few ideas. Kids will quickly get the hang of this. All you have to do is choose a pellet, inflate it, and connect it to another pellet or one of the decorative bits. They’re basically just mini balloons, but they’re designed to stick together to let you create an endless variety of designs and shapes. 

Here are the three simple steps of Oonie creations summed up:

  1. Load the pellet into the chamber and pump it up.
  2. Simply put your Oonie onto another Oonie or use a connector to make them stick more.
  3. Create designs by adding decorations and attaching additional Oonie balloons.

The Perfect Place for Playing with Oonies

Oonies are great for games, challenges, and rainy-day activities. You can use Oonies at a party and replace the egg in the spoon race with an Oonie. Since Oonies can be popped like regular balloons, they also make great targets for party games. Kids can make up the rules for their games as they go, for example, the first one to hit their color Oonies could be the winner.

But Oonies can also be used to create challenges. You could see who can make the longest Oonie first or ask kids to connect four in a row by throwing them at a window. But don’t throw too hard, or they’ll pop. Oonies also make great decorations. These colorful balloons can make great window art. You can create a rainbow, a mosaic, or a sun catcher.  

Oonies Don’t Make a Mess

For kids to get creative, you usually have to provide scissors, glue, and be willing to clean up the mess. That’s not the case with Oonies. Since they stick to each other without glue, there’s virtually no cleanup. And the fun and laughter is worth it, too! Oonies are designed for kids, aged 5 and up. Parents will also appreciate the fact that Oonies don’t require batteries, either.

You Can Get a Refill Pack

The starter pack gives you everything you need to create your first Oonies, but it won’t last long. Since it’s so much fun to make Oonies, it’s a good idea to get the refill pack as well. This provides you with 90 pellets and 90 connectors to make as many as 40 different Ooonie designs. You’ll quickly notice that the kids have never had so much fun with little balloons before. 

Should You Carry Oonies in Your Store?

Whether you own a toy store, a specialty store, or a different retail establishment, we know that you can’t stock everything. But we think that you should give Oonies a chance, because they are a unique toy that your customers won’t find everywhere else. Additionally, you won’t hear a lot of objections from parents, because what could you possibly have against balloons? The fact that it doesn’t even require batteries is even better. 

If you have a section for party supplies or group activities in your store, then Oonies would make a great addition to it. Creating Oonies is fun for one child, but it’s even more hilarious when a group of kids are playing together. They’ll give each other new ideas about the kind of creations they can make.

You know the types of products your customers gravitate towards. Oonies will instantly attract kids because of the colorful package they come in. If you place them on an end cap or near the cash register of your store, they’ll be flying off the shelves in no time. Become a wholesale toy reseller today by registering online.